Recently Completed: Henrico - I-64 Bridge Replacements over Airport Drive (Route 156)

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The primary purpose of this project is to replace the two structurally deficient I-64 eastbound and westbound bridges over Airport Drive (Rt. 156), increase vertical clearance on Airport Drive (Rt. 156) to 16'-6" and perform all necessary approach work to accommodate this vertical increase.

Additionally, the existing full cloverleaf interchange has been converted to a partial cloverleaf (see images below - Ramps B and D are now permanently closed).

During construction, two through lanes of traffic will be maintained in each direction of I-64. 


The project will improve safety and efficiency near the Richmond International Airport.

Major Milestones 

The project was substantially completed in winter 2021. All work impacting traffic has ben completed. Read more here

The project was officially completed in fall 2022. 


Contact Info:

Brian Ramsey

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Phase: Recently Completed

UPC: 97565

State ID: 0064-043-744,P101, C501, B619, B618

Lat/Long: 37.529992, -77.326774

Locality: Henrico

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Interchange prior to November 2019 traffic pattern switch. Ramps B and D will be removed to convert the interchange to a partial cloverleaf.

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