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Route 50 STARS Safety and Operational Improvements Study - Chantilly

Route 28 to Stringfellow Road in Fairfax County

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Begin Date
September 2017


$450,000 (Study)

Lengths and Limits
Rt 28 to Stringfellow Rd (2 mi)


Northern Virginia

Regina Moore
Andrew Beacher, P.E.
Preliminary Engineering

About the Study

This STARS (Strategically Targeted Affordable Roadway Solutions) study is assessing potential safety and operational improvements for nearly two miles of Route 50 (Lee Jackson Memorial Highway) between Route 28 (Sully Road) and Stringfellow Road (Route 645). 

Currently, this segment of Route 50 experiences congestion in the morning and evening peak periods and a high number of crashes. Route 50 averages 71,000 vehicles a day within the study limits.

Recommended short-term improvement options include: 

  • Adding reflective traffic signal backplates
  • Upgrading pedestrian ramps to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards
  • Replacing and adding pavement and crosswalk markings 
  • Providing additional signage
  • Continuing the traffic signal timing optimization program
  • Adding pedestrian signals in the median (two-stage crossing)
  • Converting bus stops to bus shelters
  • Adding a Galesbury Lane and Lees Corner Road sidewalk connection

Recommended mid-term improvement options include:

  • Reconfiguring and modifying intersections
  • Access management strategies for properties along the corridor

The study is further assessing potential innovative intesection improvements at Lees Corner Road and Stringfellow Road to include partial median u-turns. The study is also assessing potential safety improvements for side street intersections along the Route 50 service road.

Begin Study - September 2017
Public Information Meeting - January 2020
Short- and Mid-Term Recommended Improvements Report - March 2021


Short- and Mid-Term Recommended Improvements Report - March 2021

Public Information Meeting MaterialsDisplays and Ad - Jan. 2020

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