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Route 1 Multimodal Improvements Study

A study for multimodal connectivity in the vicinity of Crystal City and Pentagon City

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Begin Date
Phase 1: July 2020
Phase 2: December 2021

Est Completion Date
Phase 1 Final Report: October 2021
Phase 2 Final Report:
Fall 2023


$4 million (Study)

Lengths and Limits
12th Street South to
23rd Street South


Northern Virginia

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Dan Reinhard, P.E.
Project Manager

About the Study

U.S. Route 1 (Richmond Highway) is a major north-south arterial and part of the National Highway System. Regionally, Route 1 is a primary arterial road connecting Washington, D.C., Arlington County, the City of Alexandria, and southern suburbs including Fairfax and Prince William counties. Route 1 carries 43,000 vehicles per day in the Crystal City area of Arlington County.

In late 2018, with the announcement of an agreement to bring Amazon's new corporate headquarters to Crystal City, the Commonwealth of Virginia identified improvements to Route 1 as one of five transportation projects to be fully or partially funded by the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth’s commitment to Amazon is to improve safety, accessibility, and the pedestrian experience crossing Route 1.  

The purpose of this study is to identify enhanced multimodal connectivity and accommodations along and across Route 1 in Crystal City, to meet the changing transportation needs of this growing urban activity center. The need for this study is two-fold:

  • Multimodal transportation demand is increasing from the creation of an additional Amazon U.S. Headquarters (HQ2) and other ongoing development in the Crystal City and Pentagon City areas
  • These areas are already heavily developed with limited space for expanding the footprint of the transportation network

This study has not set design or construction dates and is being performed in close coordination with Arlington County staff and other local and regional stakeholders

Study Goals

Safety: Improve multimodal safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, micro-mobility modes, transit and vehicles along and across Route 1

Multimodal accessibility and accommodation: Increase multimodal accessibility and accommodation along and across Route 1

Transit effectiveness: Make transit more accessible, reliable, and convenient

Vehicular operations: Maintain an appropriate level of vehicular operation and accommodation along Route 1 and on intersecting streets: 15th Street, 18th Street, 20th Street, and 23rd Street

Environmental: Preserve, protect, or enhance the built, natural, visual, and social environments

Urban Fabric: Integrate Route 1 within the context of Crystal City and Pentagon City as a multimodal urban boulevard design consistent with context of the surrounding existing and future built environment

Phase 1

The first phase of this study ended in October 2021 with the release of the Phase 1 Executive Summary and Full Report, and Appendices that are posted below under "Resources." The first phase explored an at-grade urban boulevard but also reviewed and compared potential improvements to the current elevated condition, and it examined the elevated urban boulevard described in the Crystal City Sector Plan.

Based on the findings and conclusions of the first phase and the comparisons of the concepts using numerous measures of effectiveness, VDOT recommends converting the segment of elevated urban freeway between 12th Street South and 20th Street South to an at-grade urban boulevard with wide spaces along Route 1 for sidewalks, street trees, lighting and other amenities desired by Arlington County residents and property owners, with safe crossings of Route 1 for pedestrians, bicyclists and other users. The recommended configuration will provide the greatest benefit to the corridor in the context of an evolving walkable, connected and urban Crystal City. 

The first phase also recommended a second phase in which a robust travel demand management (TDM) strategy would be developed aimed at reducing future traffic volumes, and a potential grade-separated pedestrian crossing at 18th Street South would be reviewed.

Phase 2

The second phase of this study began in December 2021 and is further exploring the feasibility of the at-grade roadway recommend in the first phase.

Phase 2 includes:

  • Developing TDM strategies to reduce vehicular trips through the area to below 2019 volumes
  • Additional feasibility analyses and multimodal street design, including reviewing a potential grade-separated pedestrian crossing at 18th Street South
  • Updating the Phase 1 multimodal transportation analyses

More details are in the Phase 2 scope narrative and schedule. At this time, construction funding has not been allocated and the study will not set design or construction dates.

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Comments or questions? Send them to: or Dan Reinhard, P.E., Project Manager, VDOT's Northern Virginia District Office, 4975 Alliance Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030.


Arlington County Bicycle Advisory Committee and Pedestrian Advisory Committee Presentation - June 2023

Phase 2 Fourth Virtual Public Information Meeting VideoPDF PresentationComment SheetNews ReleaseAd and Meeting Details - May 2023

Phase 2 Third Virtual Public Information Meeting SummaryVideo, PresentationComment SheetNews ReleaseAd and Meeting Details - November 2022

Phase 2 Scope Narrative and Schedule - October 2022

Phase 2 Second Virtual Public Information Meeting SummaryVideoPresentationNews ReleaseAd and Meeting Details -
June 2022

Phase 2 First Virtual Public Information Meeting SummaryVideoPresentationComment SheetNews ReleaseAd and Meeting Details - April 2022

Crystal City Civic Association Presentation - January 2022

Route 1 Multimodal Improvements Study Phase 1 Final Report and Appendices - October 2021

Executive Summary and Full Report

Appendix A - Report References
Appendix B - Technical Analysis Summary: 1, 2, 3
Appendix C - Existing Conditions Report
Appendix D - Future No Build Conditions
Appendix E - Task Force Meeting Summaries and Presentations
Appendix F - MetroQuest Survey Summary
Appendix G - PIM Summaries
Appendix H - Public Comments and Responses
Appendix I - Concept Designs and Conceptual Cost Estimates
Appendix J - Future Build Conditions Report

Phase 1 Draft Report - August 2021 (News Release)

Draft Report and Executive Summary

Figure 6-4 Concept Plan and Profile for At-Grade Concept and Figure 6-5 Concept Plan and Profile for Grade-Separated Concept


Phase 1 Third Virtual Public Information Meeting VideoPresentationComment SheetNews ReleaseAd and Meeting Details - June 2021

Phase 1 Existing Conditions Summary - June 2021

Phase 1 Future No-Build Conditions Summary - May 2021

Phase 1 Second Virtual Public Information Meeting VideoPresentationComment Sheet, News ReleaseAd and Meeting Details - March 2021

Phase 1 MetroQuest Survey Summary - Jan. 2021

Phase 1 First Virtual Public Information Meeting Summary, VideoPresentationComment SheetAd and Meeting Details - Dec. 2020

Phase 1 Route 1 Task Force Second Meeting Summary and Presentation - Dec. 2020 

Phase 1 Route 1 Task Force First Meeting Summary and Presentation - Sept. 2020

Project Numbers
State: 0001-000-894, P101
UPC: 115882
Federal: NHPP-5B01 (107)

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