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Fairfax County Parkway & Franconia-Springfield Parkway Corridor Study

Assessing short-term multimodal improvements in Fairfax County
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Begin Date
August 2014

Est Completion Date
August 2017



Northern Virginia

Abraham Lerner, P.E.
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Robert Iosco
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Note: The final report is now available.

About the Project

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), in cooperation with the Fairfax County Department of Transportation, conducted a multimodal corridor study for the Fairfax County and Franconia-Springfield Parkways. The Fairfax County Parkway portion of the study corridor was approximately 31 miles in length, while the Franconia-Springfield Parkway portion was 3.5 miles long. The study evaluated existing transportation issues and developed recommendations for short-term multimodal improvements that can be implemented within one to ten years. 


Public Information Meetings (Nov. 2016)

Public Information Meetings (June 2016)

Project Numbers 

State: 0286-029-167, P101
UPC: 105800

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