In Design: Route 7 and Route 9 Eastbound Ramp Extension in Loudoun County

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The project will extend the acceleration lane from Route 9 onto eastbound Route 7 in Loudoun County to make it easier for drivers to merge into traffic from the ramp.

This improvement is part of the Strategically Targeted Affordable Roadway Solutions (STARS) Route 7 Corridor Improvement Study completed in December 2017.

Estimated Costs
Preliminary Engineering: $500,000
Right of Way: $44,000
Construction: $2.2 million
Total: $2.7 million

The project is financed with federal and state funding.


This project aims to improve safety and relieve congestion.

Major Milestones 

Environmental Documentation (Programmatic Categorical Exclusion) Available September 2022
Issue Notice of Willingness to Hold a Public Hearing- October

Begin Right of Way Acquisition - Summer 2023 
Begin Construction - Summer 2024 


Contact Info:

W. Calvin Britt, P.E.
Location & Design

Kimberly McCool, P.E.
Preliminary Engineering

Major funding source: Federal

Phase: In Design

UPC: 114103

State ID: 6007-053-198, P101

Federal ID: NCBP-5A01 (973)

Lat/Long: 39.14104,-77.6109313

Locality: Loudoun

Page last modified: May 8, 2023