Recently Completed: Old Colchester Road over Pohick Creek in Fairfax County

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Please note: The temporary bridge is now open to traffic.

The Old Colchester Road bridge over Pohick Creek was closed on March 19, 2021, due to the results of the latest safety inspection. An 80-foot by 24-foot Acrow temporary bridge was procured and installed. The temporary bridge passed final inspection on July 28, 2021. Next, guardrail installation and lane striping occurred with the bridge and road reopening to traffic Aug. 12, 2021.


Crews installed the temporary bridge to safely reopen the road as soon as possible. Long-term plans are being explored for the permanent replacement bridge in coming years through State of Good Repair funds. 

Major Milestones 

March 19, 2021: Bridge closed.

June 10, 2021: Concrete foundation poured for the temporary bridge.

June 11, 2021: Unassembled temporary bridge was delivered.

July 7, 2021: Truss bridge placed.

July 28, 2021: The temporary bridge passed final inspection. Remaining work included guardrail installation and lane striping.

Aug. 12, 2021: Bridge and road reopened to traffic.


Contact Info:

Scott Brumfield

Project Photos

Lat/Long: 38.698246, -77.201374

Locality: Fairfax

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Heavy equipment offloads temporary bridge components.
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The contractor moves bridge parts into staging with a bobcat.
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Bridge beams are offloaded from a flatbed truck with a bobcat.
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A close up of bridge beams on the flatbed truck.
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A community member (a crawfish) shows excitement with the progress.

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