Under Construction: I-95 Southbound Auxiliary Lane in Prince William County

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This project will create an auxiliary lane on southbound Interstate 95 from Gordon Boulevard (state Route 123) to the Prince William Parkway (state Route 294).

The project will convert about a mile and a half of the existing shoulder to a travel lane, from the end of the existing entrance ramp from Route 123 to the beginning of the exit ramp to the Prince William Parkway. The project will also provide a new paved shoulder, relocate noise walls as needed, replace impacted roadway lighting, install or upgrade guardrails and build new retaining walls.

Southbound I-95 averages about 92,000 vehicles a day in this area.

All work will be done within the existing right of way and mostly beyond concrete barriers, with few traffic impacts expected.

Estimated Costs
Preliminary Engineering: $3.4 million
Construction: $28.7 million
Total: $32 million

The project is being completed as part of the I-95 Corridor Improvement Plan, and is financed with a portion of the concession fee provided under the 95 Express Lanes Project Comprehensive Agreement.


The auxiliary lane will make it easier for drivers to merge into and out of traffic between the ramps and free up additional room for through-drivers.

Major Milestones 

Public Information Meeting (Interstate 95 Corridor Improvement Plan) - October 2019
Design Public Hearing - December 2019
Categorical Exclusion Available - June 2020
Advertise for Construction - December 2020
Award Construction Contract - March 2021
Begin Construction - June 2021
Final Completion - Fall 2022


Contact Info:

Reed Pinkney

Mehrdad Naderi, P.E.

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Construction Start News Release - June 2021

Categorical Exclusion Document and 
Ad - June 2020

I-95 Corridor Improvement Plan

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Major funding source: 95 Express Lanes Concession Fee

Phase: Under Construction

UPC: 115999

State ID: 0095-076-276, P101

Federal ID: RSTP-0952 (542)

Lat/Long: 38.667756, -77.269957

Locality: Prince William

Page last modified: Nov. 9, 2021