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Take Student Travel Tallies!

2: QuickStart Mini-grant due
9: Walkabout Mini-grant due
16: QuickStart Mini-grant due

Take Student Travel Tallies!

6: Walk to School Day 
14: QuickStart Mini-grant due

Upcoming Events

Summer - Safe Routes Back to School

The Safe Routes Partnership is releasing back to school materials throughout the summer in preparation for the 2021-2022 school year. The campaign focuses on a SAFE return to school by creating a Socially-connected, Active, Future for Everyone. Check the Partnership's website every month through September for messaging, relevant resources, and Zoom discussion sessions.

September 9 - Walkabout Mini-grants due

Walkabout Mini-grants are awarded to communities which will receive a hands-on walking and bicycling infrastructure assessment. A Walkabout is a great opportunity for parents, students, administrators, staff, and community members to discuss the walking and bicycling experience in their community and identify potential strategies for making it easier and safer to get around. Learn more about Walkabout Mini-grants here.

September 2 and 16; October 14 - QuickStart Mini-grants due

QuickStart Mini-grants are $1,000 reimbursement grants that can be used to jump start SRTS programs and activities. Learn more about QuickStart Mini-grants here.

SRTS Calendar

The SRTS Calendar discusses the importance of working with your school and school division to get SRTS events on the official calendar so that students, parents, and schools can look forward to and prepare for Safe Routes events. This resource also includes a customizable academic calendar that shows the important upcoming SRTS dates and can be used in the classroom or to help plan for SRTS events.

SRTS Newsletter

Stay informed about the SRTS developments in Virginia with the VDOT SRTS Newsletter. Every newsletter includes a calendar of upcoming events and features articles about SRTS grant opportunities and SRTS program implementation.

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Skyline Middle School’s bike fleet, Harrisonburg VA 

Skyline Middle School’s bike fleet, Harrisonburg, VA

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