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River Mechanics

The River Mechanics Engineering Section within the Hydraulics and Utility Program Area is responsible for supporting the design process, by providing critical information to the Roadway and Bridge Design Teams, with regards to large culverts or bridges over state waterways. Guidance includes the impacts that the proposed projects will have on the predicted flood elevation and potential bridge scour. The Central Office Staff supports the districts with technical guidance, trouble shooting and establishing policies and procedures, as applicable, to large scale hydraulics analyses.

John Matthews, P.E.
Sr. River Mechanic Engineer
River Mechanics Section Manager
VDOT - Location & Design Division
1401 East Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23219
River Mechanics, Floodplain Assessments, IACM
(804) 786-4031

Abiot Gemechu, P.E.
Sr. Hydraulics/Coastal Engineer

Hydraulics Design / Coastal Resilience Section Manager
Abiot Gemechu@VDOT.Virginia.gov
(804) 786-5483
Drew Hammond, P.E.
Sr. Resiliency/River Mechanic Engineer
Resiliency, River Mechanics, Floodplain Assessments
(804) 786-3438

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