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ProjectWise Accounts for Contractors 

CADD Support now has the ability to create new ProjectWise logical accounts. These accounts will be for VDOT contractors – contractors are no longer required to obtain a domain account unless they are uploading documents into ProjectWise or they need access to ProjectWise CII.
The process is the same as before – all contractors will need to provide a completed ITD-36E and LD-899 forms. The contractor will email the forms to CADDSupport@vdot.virginia.gov. Once CADD Support receives the forms and verifies your information a technician will contact you by phone to assist with logging into the account.
If you are a contractor who has a domain account that is expired then CADD Support is able to convert those accounts into a logical account.
Contractors that do not have login information or password will need to contact CADD Support at (804) 786-1280 or CADDSupport@vdot.virginia.gov.    

Logging into ProjectWise Web Server   

Below is how you login to ProjectWise using a logical account.

  • Log into the VDOT ProjectWise Server: https://projectwise.vdot.virginia.gov/ 
  • Location tab is: VDOT ProjectWise  
  • Login with your User.Name and the password give to you by CADD Support

  • To change the password to your account you will need to click on Tools > Change password.
  • Your current password will be the one provided by CADD Support.

Contact the CADD helpdesk at 804-786-1280 or by email at CADDSupport@VDOT.Virginia.gov if you have additional questions or concerns.  

The link below may help answer some of your questions about ProjectWise and VDOT. 

Page last modified: July 28, 2020