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Hydraulics Design

The Hydraulics Section within the Hydraulics and Utilities Program Area is responsible for providing feasibility studies for roadway development projects relative to hydraulics and stormwater management approaches.  They are responsible for following state-administered guidelines set by DEQ, while also assessing “common sense engineering” approaches to every drainage problem or challenge.        

The Hydraulics Section researches, develops and manages the content and delivery of the Drainage Manual, Drainage-specific L&D Instruction & Informational Memoranda (IIM), associated L&D Forms, and Road and Bridge Standards and Specifications.  The Hydraulics Section works closely with the Roadway Design Sections of Central Office, as well as each respective District Roadway Design Team and Hydraulics Group.

Victoria (Tory) Bains, P.E.
State Hydraulics and Utilities Engineer

VDOT - Location & Design Division
1401 East Broad Street, Richmond, VA  23219

Abiot Gemechu, P. E.
Sr. Hydraulics/Coastal Engineer

Hydraulics Design Section Manager
Brian Waters, P.E.
Sr. Hydraulics Engineer

Hydraulics Design Section Manager

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