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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 

The Geographic Information System (GIS) section of the GeoSpatial group is responsible for providing a framework for gathering, managing, analyzing spatial data, and providing broad access to the data and associated applications.  Our mission is to provide a common infrastructure and develop a comprehensive data catalog of accurate, reliable and consistent geospatial data for use with all L&D sections of VDOT.  We want to provide a valued resource of spatial information and GIS expertise, increasing the ability of L&D GIS to meet the business needs of its users, and provide geospatial capabilities to non-GIS users.  
Michelle E. Fults, GISP
GeoSpatial GIS Supervisor
VDOT - Location & Design Division
1401 East Broad Street, Richmond, VA. 23219

Carla Wilkerson
Engineering Technician III
Kun Dong
Engineering GIS Technician

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