Location and Design Division

3D Models in the Project Development Process

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) continues to expand it use of 3D data throughout all life cycle phases for the assets it owns. 3D design models can be used to distribute multiple successful formats that communicate the designer’s intent. As other DOTs across the country are realizing, there are tangible benefits to every type of roadway project using 3D models. These benefits are present in both the project development and delivery phases. Project development benefits include improved plan quality; increased efficiency in plan development, decreased design error, and improved public engagement. Project delivery benefits include increased collaboration using mobile platforms, automated machine guidance (AMG), and utilization of V/R.

The new "VDOT 3D Model Development Manual" is now available.  In addition, VDOT’s current ORD workspace is available upon request.

Page last modified: Feb. 5, 2021