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ProjectWise Deliverables Management 

As part of our continued effort to provide greater transparency and access to our local partners, Local Assistance Division (LAD) in partnership with VDOT Location & Design (L&D) CADD section are implementing the ProjectWise Deliverables Management system for all locally administered projects.

For more information please go to our ProjectWise Deliverables Management Page.


Upcoming Webinars: 

Previous Webinars 

Revenue Sharing Applicant Workshop

Revenue Sharing Workshop Presentation

Revenue Sharing and Transportation Alternative Program Policy Initiative Webinar

As VDOT is currently working with the Commonwealth Transportation Board to potentially modify existing policies and procedures for the Revenue Sharing and Transportation Alternatives Programs. The Local Assistance Division conducted an interactive webinar to answer questions and to receive verbal feedback.

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The TA Applicant Workshop

The TA Applicant Workshop is strongly recommended for localities and other project sponsors that are interested in applying for FY 2023/2024 federal Transportation Alternatives (TA) funding.  In addition to local governments, schools, regional park authorities, federally recognized tribes and federal natural resource agencies are eligible to apply. 

Transportation Alternative Pre-application Training Presentation

State of Good Repair Program - Locality-Owned Bridges

The webinar will discuss which bridges are eligible, and the project scope that is eligible for SGR funds. It will address pre-scoping requirements that will ultimately be required for the full-application including compliance with Program requirements It will also review the SMART Portal to include pre-application & full-application requirements. This webinar will also address special topics such as, railroads and bicycle-pedestrian facilities, and will briefly discuss instances where SGR funds will not cover scope for safety, capacity, operational and other such non-SGR related improvements.

State of Good Repair Program - Locality-Owned Bridges 

Local Government Revenue Sharing Applicant Workshop Webinar 

The webinar will review program eligibility and the application process.

The Revenue Sharing program provides for a dollar-for-dollar match to primary, secondary or urban improvement, reconstruction, construction or maintenance projects being funded by counties, cities or towns. Fiscal Year’s 23/24 application has enhancements that will improve the application process for both locality and VDOT users. We will also discuss the availability of funds, project schedules and present an overview with helpful hints of the Smart Portal application process.

Revenue Sharing Applicant Webinar Presentation

Transportation Alternative Applicant Webinar 

The webinar will review program eligibility, the application process, and scoring criteria.

The TA Applicant Workshop is strongly recommended for localities and other project sponsors that are interested in applying for FY 2023/2024 federal Transportation Alternatives (TA) funding. In addition to local governments, schools, regional park authorities, federally recognized tribes and federal natural resource agencies are eligible to apply.

Transportation Alternative Applicant Webinar Presentation


Staying on Track with Rail Projects 

VDOT's role in assisting with rail coordination for locally administered and special projects. Discuss responsibilities and best practices on projects that impact both roadway and railroad right of way. Coordination with construction and maintenance projects starting with initial development through construction including rail configuration (future needs), design, agreements, and construction. Develop specifications in support of advertisement of projects with Railroad involvement. Discuss Project Funding, Cost and Closeout.

Keys for Environmental Success

VDOT's Environmental Division will be holding a webinar on Wednesday, January 13th to discuss the "Keys for Environmental Success". This webinar will help you get a better understanding of the current status of the environmental program and cover topics to help improve submittals of environmental documents for locally administered projects.

Performance Metrics and Project Scheduling

Rob Tieman, Matt Swanson, and Devin Robertson from VDOT's Project Management Office, along with Sherry Eagle from VDOT’s Construction Division, will discuss project scheduling, NVAP, and different project schedule tools and tips.

Project Web Application Template Training Video 

Funding Puzzle Webinar 

One of our most popular Local Programs Workshop breakout sessions! Learn how to determine the correct funding for your project, how best to combine different funding types and the associated risks, as well as the funding cycles.

Federal Construction Contracts for Locally Administered Projects Part 1

In part 1 of this webinar series, the Virginia Division of the Federal Highway Administration and Harold Caples, P.E., VDOT’s State Contract Engineer will discuss fatal flaws in federal contract administration on Locally Administered Projects.

Federal Construction Contracts for Locally Administered Projects Part 2

In part 2 of this webinar series, Harold Caples, along with Buddy League of Branscome, Inc. and Frankie Bridgeman of Bridgeman Civil, Inc., will build on part 1 and discuss contract bid ability and what makes a contract a good contract.

Materials Webinar – March 19, 2015

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Questions and Answers

Training for Localities

Federal-aid Essentials for Local Public Agencies

Local public agencies now have a centralized hub for guidance, policies, procedures, and best practices for administering federal-aid projects. 

FHWA worked with state and local partners to create a library of videos covering key aspects of the project development and delivery process to help local governments get the information they need about the Federal-Aid Highway Program. 

The video library is accessible from any computer or mobile device with Internet access. 

The videos each focus on a single topic, are all less than 10 minutes long.

See them at: http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/federal-aidessentials/
Local Technical Assistance Program

The Virginia Local Technical Assistance Program also known as the Transportation Training Academy, provides technical workshops, seminars, and short courses in the various transportation related topics.  These courses are available to local government staff at a minimal charge.  The schedule of upcoming workshops and information on registration are available on their website at Center for Transportation Studies Workshops.

VDOT Project Coordinator Training Program

The Local Assistance Division with Assistance from the Local Partnership Team has prepared a short course that provides VDOT Project Coordinators with an overview of PC roles and responsibilities and the LAP Program.  This training was provided to VDOT staff in the fall of 2011 and is available for download here

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