Local Assistance Division

Locally Administered Projects

VDOT is committed to developing programs and processes that provide local governments the necessary tools to successfully administer transportation programs and that provide consistent requirements so federal and state stewardship and oversight obligations can be met and projects can be implemented in the most efficient and effective manner

Project Information Reports

The report provides basic project information including:

  • General Project Identifiers
  • Estimate and expenditure details
  • Allocation
  • Schedules
  • Dashboard performance

User Guide available here: Local Assistance Division Project Information Report
User Guide

Reporting Systems 

VDOT tracks the status of projects through a number of Reporting Systems. Found below, these Systems track Locally Administered Projects from a project’s Initiation through Construction.

Local Assistance Program Performance Report 

This Local Assistance Program Performance Report provides information on:

  • District on-time and on-budget development performance overview
  • Within District locality comparison of on-time and on-budget
  • Locality summary with development trends and workload
  • Locality projects with late billings (no invoices in four months or more)
  • Local Assistance Program Performance Report User Guide

*** This report is currently down and being updated. 

Project Cost Estimating System (PCES)

  • PCES is the primary system for developing and storing cost estimates for specific projects in the Six Year Improvement Plan (SYIP) and the Secondary Six Year Improvement Plan (SSIP).
  • All project estimates must be updated in PCES at least once every six (6) months.
  • Localities can register to attend PCES Training Sessions through the VDOT University Virtual Campus. Instructions for registering through the VDOT University Virtual Campus can be found here.


  • Implemented July 1, 2018, Dashboard 4.0 displays on-time and on-budget project delivery information, with increased focus on monitoring interim milestones throughout the project development process. The Dashboard provides the potential to identify issues earlier in the life of a project, in order to keep projects on track.
  • VDOT Dashboard
  • Dashboard Performance tool

Smart Scale Dashboard

  • The Smart Scale Dashboard is an enhanced tool that lets the public see how Localities and VDOT are delivering projects under the Smart Scale Program from project Initiation through Construction. A unique set of business rules are used to determine on-schedule and on-budget statuses for all Smart Scale Projects.
  • Smart Scale
  • Webinar recording from Thursday, March 2, 2017
  • PowerPoint Presentation

Smart Scale Dashboard is best viewed with mobile devices. Please send all questions and comments regarding the Smart Scale Dashboard to SmartScaleDashboard@vdot.virginia.gov.

Note: All other projects will continue showing on the VDOT Dashboard

Non-VDOT Advertised Projects (NVAP)

Implemented July 1, 2018, NVAP is an interactive tool that gives local governments the ability to provide important updates during a project’s construction through an easy-to-use SMART Portal data entry site. Local governments are required to use NVAP for all locally advertised projects awarded after July 1, 2018. Additional guidance can be found in the LAP Manual, Section – VDOT Databases.

VDOT Pre-Award Evaluation

To assist in the overall evaluation of architectural and engineering consultant proposals, pre-award evaluations are conducted to determine if the provisions of the proposed agreement are in compliance with VDOT policy and federal regulations (23 CFR Part 172). The pre-award evaluation should, to the fullest extent possible, determine the financial capability of the firm, the adequacy of the organization’s accounting system and the propriety of overhead and labor additives.  To assist localities and consultants on expediting this review for fixed billable rate "professional service" contracts, please use the following instructions and templates when submitting to VDOT for review:  

  1. Instructions to Local Public Agencies (LPAs) 
  2. Instructions to Engineering Consultants on LPA projects  
  3. Pre-Award Templates ExcelNote: The Consultants will fill out and send these templates to the LPA for review prior to sending to VDOT.   

Federal Subrecipient Reporting

Annually, all sub-recipients receiving in excess of $750,000 of federal funding must complete a Schedule of Federal Awards (SEFA) as part of their Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR).

The following presentation explains the process for reviewing pass-through entities (sub-recipients) Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR).

ACFR Training Presentation 2022

The following information is provided to sub-recipients of federal funding to assist them in meeting the reporting requirements of the Code of Federal Regulations Title 2 Subtitle A Chapter II Part 200.

FY23 – Sub-recipient Information

FY22 – Sub-recipient Information

FY21 – Sub-recipient Information

FY19 Sub-recipient Information

FY18 Sub-recipient Information

FY17 Sub-recipient Information

FY16 Sub-recipient Information

FY15 Sub-recipient Information

Local Assistance Program Compliance Assessments

FY20 – Sub-recipient Information

 FHWA Compliance Assessment Program Review Reports


Lloyd Arnold, local administration program manager, 804-371-4870
Jonathan Liss, Local Administration Program Manager (Lynchburg, Richmond, Hampton Roads, Staunton, Bristol, Northern Virginia, Culpeper, Fredericksburg, and Salem districts), 804-371-8764

Page last modified: Sept. 19, 2023