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Urban Construction Initiative Overview

The Urban Construction Initiative (also known as the First Cities Initiative) was established as the result of a modification to the Code of Virginia in 2003. Traditionally, cities identified construction projects, which the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) would construct and the locality would then maintain. 

Over the past several years, increasing emphasis has been placed on local administration of construction projects. The Urban Construction Initiative moves local administration from the project level to the program level, providing municipalities with the opportunity to manage their entire construction program.

The initiative places greater responsibility and control of the urban construction program in the hands of the local government. However, this includes the responsibility for meeting all federal and state legal and regulatory requirements, and Commonwealth Transportation Board policy.

Program Information

For questions regarding UCI Program and Policy Requirements please refer to Chapter 5 of the Urban Construction and Maintenance Program Guidance Document (aka Urban Manual). For questions relating to the UCI project development/delivery processes, please please refer to the Locally Administered Projects Manual.

Contact Yolanda Newton at yolanda.newton@vdot.virginia.gov or (804) 786-0334


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Member Municipalities

  • Fiscal Year 2005: Hampton, Richmond (city) and Virginia Beach
  • Fiscal Year 2006: Charlottesville
  • Fiscal Year 2007: Harrisonburg and Bridgewater
  • Fiscal Year 2008: Lynchburg
  • Fiscal Year 2009: Blacksburg and Dumfries
  • Fiscal Year 2010: Colonial Heights
  • Fiscal Year 2011: Newport News
  • Fiscal Year 2012: Chesapeake and Purcellville
  • Fiscal Year 2013: Danville
  • Fiscal Year 2015: Suffolk
  • Fiscal Year 2022: Norfolk

Annual Reports

Certification Program

Localities that are participating in the VDOT Urban Construction Initiative Program may apply to be certified to deliver projects with streamlined oversight from VDOT. 

Certification with streamlined oversight applies to all projects, except for those located on the National Highway System, that have been noted as requiring federal oversight or that have been identified by the commissioner as requiring VDOT oversight.


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