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In light of recent events and in an effort to mitigate the potential spread of COVID-19 the Department will not be mailing out Construction Specification Books.  Once it has been deemed safe to do so we will resume these mailings.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. 

Digital plans and contract documents will be available through CABB and ProjectWise. 

Ordering Form Notes
2016 Road and Bridge Specification Book To view or download the online Book (PDF)
Information regarding access to ProjectWise If a contractor wishes to download the electronic form of the proposal and/or plans he will need to select this link to gain access to the application form and instructions.
Notice of Advertisement Through Email
If a contractor would like to receive a link to each advertisement semi-monthly, they would fill out this form.
2008 Road & Bridge Standards Online only
Work Area Protection Manual &
Work Zone Note Pad
For sales of the 2011 Work Area Protection manual and 2012 WZS Pocket Guide contact ATSSA at 1-800-272-8772

Page last modified: May 4, 2023