Safety Rest Area - Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I park overnight or use the rest area as a park and ride location?

    • No, overnight parking is not allowed and unattended vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.


Q. Are all the SRAs open?

    • Yes, they are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with the exception of New Church which is on the eastern shore that is open from 8am to 10pm


Q. How may I contact staff or management of the VDOT SRAs if my question is not addressed here?


Q. Can we hold a fund raiser at the SRA like the Boy Scouts or host a Safety Break with free coffee/ snacks? 

    • No


Q. Do the SRAs have food/sandwiches/ drinks/ coffee available for purchase?

    • We do have vending/snack/soft drinks/ energy drinks and in some cases at larger facilities sandwiches offered in the machines. All machines accept credit card purchases.


Q. We are a vending company which sells sandwiches/ice cream can we do business at the SRA’s?

    • No, contact Chant Connock with Business Opportunities for the Blind (VDBVI) at 804-262-7806 Extension #1 for more details regarding the mandatory use State Contract for Vending Services.


Q. Do you allow food trucks to service the SRAs?

    • No


Q. Lost and found inquires or lost pet inquires:

    • Call 1-800-FOR-ROAD- they can place you in touch with the appropriate staff members at DBi Services Inc. that service the specific location you may have lost the item/ animal at. DBi and VDOT must be provided with a clear description of the item/ pet lost and a generalized location to begin looking as well.
    • All Lost and found is kept on-site for 30 days from the date the item was found.


Q. What is the nearest exit to loop around to the SRA on the opposite side?

    • Please refer to state map or drive past the rest area and get off at the next exit and re-enter highway going in the opposite direction.
      • The 511 Virginia application has the locations of all SRAs on map.


Q. Which SRAs have family restrooms?

    • The following have designated Family Rest rooms: Winchester, Fredericksburg, New Kent WB, New Kent EB, Bracey, Greensville and both Caroline sites. The other SRA’s have an auxiliary restrooms which upon inquiring with the rest area attendant can be used to accommodate this function.


Q. Are maps provided at the SRA’s?

    • Yes, if the location has a Welcome Center see the customer service agent for a map. If there is no Welcome Center on site then see the SRA attendant who will provide you with an official state map at no cost.


Q. Do SRAs have public Wifi access or gas/ diesel fuel sold on-site?

    • No


Q. Do we have pet walking areas at the facilities?

    • Yes, at every facility and there is signage for the areas along with dog waste stations.


Q. Can we exercise our horses while at the SRA?

    • No, due to safety concerns for all travelers at our facilities.


Q. Why are the flags at Half-Mast today?


Q. Where do we have Electric Car charging stations?

    • Only at New Kent WB in the automobile parking area. There is no charge for this service.


Q. I was injured at one of the SRA’s how can I go about filing a claim for injuries?


Q. My vehicle has broken down and I cannot get it towed until tomorrow will that be ok?

    • Yes, provide site attendants and site supervisor at the SRA location with a description color, make, model of vehicle and license number. However, if the vehicle is not picked up within a reasonable time frame it will be towed by the Virginia State Police.


Q. I stopped at one of the SRA’s and had noticed something not operating properly and they want to notify someone of this. I would like to provide feedback about SRAs conditions/ staffing/ grounds.


Q. I own or work for a business which would like to place brochures at the SRA or a Welcome Center.

    • Call Marie Henderson at (804)545-5520


Q. Caller has a question about tourism activities or the welcome center operations:

    • Call Marie Henderson at (804)545-5520 or visit the website for more information


Q. I would like to voice a complaint/ concern about a particular Welcome Center/ travel clerk/ travel advisor:

    • Call Marie Henderson at (804)545-5520 or visit the website for more information on how to file a concern.


Q. Is there a listing or resource of SRAs statewide in Virginia that I can use to plan my stops?

Page last modified: Nov. 1, 2019