Park and Ride in Virginia

Why use Park & Ride lots?

Individual benefits

Time savings:

Using transportation modes such as carpooling and vanpooling supported by Park & Ride lots can be a great way to save time on your commute.

The increased number of passengers allows carpools and vanpools to use the HOV lanes when they are available. HOV lanes typically have less traffic. Ridesharing also gives commuters extra time to do other tasks, such as reading, emails, bills, etc.

Money savings:

Carpooling, vanpooling and public transportation offer many financial benefits. Using these options instead of driving alone allows commuters to save money on gas, car maintenance and tolls.

Some employers offer commuter fare assistance or parking privileges for employees who use these transportation modes.

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Mental benefits:

Driving alone can be frustrating and stressful. Ridesharing can help you to start and end your day in a more relaxing manner.

Environmental benefits:

Ridesharing is a smart decision for the environment and our future. Fewer cars on the road leads to less harmful emissions and cleaner air.

Company benefits

Reduced stress:

Employees who commute in vanpools, carpools and on public transit tend to be less stressed when they come in to work.


When employees don’t have to spend time worrying about their commute and how it could be affected by traffic and incidents, they tend to spend more time focusing on work.


If commuters have several commuting options, including ridesharing, transportation is not an obstacle and commuters are able to make it to work more often and tend to stay with their employer longer.

Community benefits

When commuters travel to work by carpooling, vanpooling, riding a bus or train, riding a bike, walking, or some other alternate mode, the entire community benefits because there are fewer vehicles on the roadways.

Use of alternate modes helps improve air quality, helps manage congestion, and reduces wear and tear on roads.

Research indicates that even those who do not use alternate modes recognize the benefits for the community (DRPT, State of the Commute, 2007).

park and ride lot

Speed and savings

"The Park & Ride lot is convenient.  I take the bus because it’s faster than driving. I also get SmartBenefits at work, so the ride is cheap."

Want to learn more about your commuter options? Check out your area commuter resource agency.

Page last modified: March 20, 2017