Park and Ride Lots

How to use Park and Ride lots

How to use P and R lots

It is fairly simple. You just drive to the lot, park your car and meet your carpool or vanpool partner(s) or transfer to another form of transportation, such as a bus or train.

Some lots offer bicycle accommodations. You can ride your bike to the lot, leave it at the bike rack or locker, and join your ride. For information about transportation options, check out our list of frequently used terms.


For information about how to start a carpool, how to find additional riders, how to join a vanpool, and so forth, contact the commuter resource agency near you.

Park and Ride signs

park and ride sign

If you see this sign, this is a VDOT-owned and maintained lot. But, you’ll need to watch closely as not all lots have signs.

park and ride lot

Savings add up

"I like saving the cost of parking and saving gas money."

Want to learn more about your commuter options? Check out your area commuter resource agency.

Page last modified: Dec. 8, 2017