Virginia Transportation Modeling Program

Current Projects

CUBE Catalog Voyager Software Migration

Has been completed for all travel demand models within Virginia except Blacksburg and Lynchburg. These two models are scheduled to be completed by November, 2009.

National Household Travel Survey Effort

Virginia is one of the major add-on partners in the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) 2008-2009 National Household Travel Survey (NHTS) effort.
This effort conducted approximately 15,000 full household travel surveys for all Virginia metropolitan planning organizations (MPO), with some additional sampling in other areas for statewide planning purposes.
FHWA’s consultant: Westat completed data collection in May, 2009 and plans to deliver their processed data files to VDOT in October, 2009. VDOT will review and complete geocoding and other necessary post processing of NHTS data before releasing it for analysis in 2010. For more information, visit the NHTS Web site.

Supplemental University National Household Travel Survey Effort

To supplement the statewide NHTS effort, VDOT is also conducting university NHTS efforts at the main campuses of Virginia Tech, University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Old Dominion University. This survey effort is being conducted by a web based survey approach as opposed to the telephone based approach used by both the National and Statewide NHTS effort. Approximately 1,000 surveys are planned for each university. Data collection is expected to be completed during Fall, 2009.

Model Development/Research Projects

Recently Completed Model Development Projects:

  1. Activity Based Model Research Report
  2. Charlottesville: New Network and Model
  3. Hampton Roads: New Model
  4. Harrisonburg: New Model
  5. Roanoke: New Model

Ongoing Model Development Projects:

  1. Blacksburg: New Model
  2. Fredericksburg: New Network and Model
  3. Hampton Roads: New Truck Model
  4. Lynchburg: New Network and Model
  5. Volume Delay Function Research Project and Report
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