Virginia Transportation Modeling Program

About VTM

The Virginia Transportation Modeling program (VTM) was created in 2005 and includes all metropolitan and statewide travel demand modeling. VTM serves as a forum for improving the practice of travel demand modeling in Virginia.


Who We Are

VTM is open to the travel demand modeling staff of all state agencies, planning district commissions and metropolitan planning organizations. We currently have about 25 members from these agencies:

Additional members are expected as the program grows.

Our Goals

  • Meet five times a year: February, April, June, September and November

  • Serve as the forum to discuss modeling activities in Virginia

  • Assist in the maintenance and enhancement of modeling policies and procedures to promote consistent best practice modeling in Virginia

  • Serve as a peer exchange to discuss modeling techniques and procedures

  • Sponsor training pertinent to modeling

One of the major goals of the VTM is to assist in the maintenance and enhancement of modeling policies and procedures throughout the state.

As part of this effort, VTM worked collaboratively to develop the first Virginia Travel Demand Modeling Policies and Procedures Manual in 2006.

This manual is the cornerstone of the new VTM modeling system and created minimum guidelines and standards for Virginia's metropolitan area travel demand models.

These guidelines and standards are intended to promote consistent best modeling practice throughout the state.

The manual recognizes that there is not a "one size fits all" solution for every model and has created different guidelines and standards for both large and small metropolitan areas.

The manual also provides metropolitan areas flexibility to add additional model enhancements or features that exceed the minimum guidelines and standards.

VDOT began implementing the new modeling system for metropolitan area models in 2007 as part of a multiyear effort. The goal is to complet the system by 2012.

Several models will receive interim updates in the 2007 - 2009 timeframe. More comprehensive updates to the new system will be made in the 2009 - 2012 timeframe, after the new National Household Transportation Survey data becomes available.


Page last modified: March 9, 2016