Recently Completed: Shenandoah County Route 11 (Old Valley Pike) Cedar Creek Bridge Replacement

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This project is a new two-lane bridge on Route 11 in Shenandoah County over Cedar Creek. Currently, northbound and southbound Route 11 travelers use separate bridges in this location. This project includes construction of a single bridge for northbound and southbound traffic, and removal of both existing bridges. 

Currently Route 11 across Cedar Creek is a four-lane divided roadway that cuts through the Cedar Creek and Belle Grove Park. This four-lane roadway transitions to a three-lane roadway several hundred feet north of the project.

The new two-lane bridge and alignment will be built on the existing northbound bridge alignment, and leaves open the possibility to widen to four lanes in the future if necessary. A third center turn-lane on the bridge is not warranted as there are very few traffic generators within the project limits. The approaches to the new bridge will be realigned slightly to accommodate the new wider structure.

The total estimated cost for this project is $10,785,677 including $2,122,155 for preliminary engineering, $4,545 for right of way and $8,658,977 for construction.


The project improves safety on Route 11 at Cedar Creek by replacing two bridges with a wider single two-lane structure and eliminating a curve which has been the site of several crashes.


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Robert Good, P.E.

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UPC: 90172

State ID: 0011-085-721,P101, R201, C501, B604

Federal ID: BR-085-8(044), BR-085-8(045), BR-085-8(046)

Lat/Long: 39.006667, -78.316667

Locality: Shenandoah

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