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Shenandoah County – Route 600 (Headley Road) North Fork Bridge

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Begin Date
Construction Contract Awarded January 27, 2017

Est Completion Date
Spring 2018

Contract Value $1,774,793.40

Lengths and Limits
Length: 0.2-mile From: Intersection Route 654 To: 0.13 mile east from Intersection with Route 654

Fielder's Choice Enterprises Inc., Charlottesville, Va.


Robert Good, P.E.

Project Details

This project replaces the single-lane low water bridge on Route 600 (Headly Road) over the North Fork of the Shenandoah River. The project limits extend from Route 654 (Zion Church Road) to 0.13 mile east of Route 654. In 2008 the average daily traffic count on this road was approximately 30 vehicles per day.  In 2026 the projected traffic count is 51 vehicles per day or less.

The existing bridge was built prior to 1932 and is posted with a weight limit of 10 tons. Its condition has deteriorated to a point where it should be replaced, and/or it can no longer carry today’s heavier truck loads. This structure can flood frequently, causing considerable delays by stranding motorists on the far side of a dead-end road.

The new bridge will be a single-lane low water bridge, but will be five feet higher than the current structure. Pull-off areas will be placed at both ends of the bridge, which will allow drivers to wait for bridge traffic to clear.

The new bridge will be built upstream of the current bridge location. Minor improvements to the Route 600 and Route 654 intersection will be part of this project.

During the design phase, the total for this project was estimated at $2,409,012, including $425,000 for preliminary engineering, $97,268 for right of way and $1,886,744 for construction.

Project Location (latitude, longitude): 38.909444, -78.426389

Key Dates

Preliminary Design Approval 2014

Right of Way Acquisition  Summer 2015

Advertise for Construction  Fall 2016

Benefits of Project

The new low-water bridge will be five feet higher than the current structure and will not flood as much as the previous bridge. Also the new bridge will enhance safety with the addition of parapet railings. The previous bridge does not have any railings.

The new bridge will also be high enough for canoe traffic to pass underneath the bridge, eliminating the need for portage across the top of the structure.

During Construction

Traffic continues to use the current structure while the new bridge is under construction. Periodic flagging operations are possible.

The existing concrete bridge will be removed once the new structure is in place.  The existing western approach asphalt will be demolished, bringing the alignment back to its natural condition.

Traffic Alerts

Traffic alerts can also be found on the VDOT website under Travel Center, Travel advisories and lane closures. Click on the area of the state you are interested in, and view current travel advisories and lane closures. Click here to go to the Staunton District Travel Center page:  Staunton District

Real-time traffic information is available on the VDOT website and also by calling 511 on your landline or wireless phone.  Click here to go to 511:  Virginia 511 Web

The VDOT Staunton District Twitter feed is at @VaDOTStaunton.

Project Numbers

State:  0600-085-309,P101, R201, M501, B659

Federal:  BROS-085-8(052), BROS-085-8(053), BROS-085-8(054), BROS-085-8(054)

UPC:  82767

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