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Shenandoah County - Route 623 (Back Road)

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Project at a Glance

Begin Date
Contract awarded on January 9, 2012

Contract value is $520,969.58

Lengths and Limits
.22 mile long, from 0.1-mile south of Route 638 to 0.12-mile north of Route 638

Perry Engineering Co. Inc. of Winchester



Michael Fulcher

Project Details

The proposed project is .22 mile long and located on Route 623 (Back Road) at Route 638 in Shenandoah County from 0.1-mile south of Route 638 to 0.12-mile north of Route 638. The project will reduce curves and hills in the vicinity of the Route 623 and Route 638 intersection and will provided improved sight distance.  This will be achieved by lowering the road bed.

The project will also rebuild the offset Route 638 intersection at Route 623.  The improvements will realign the intersection and improve sight distance and eliminate the need to make sharp turns.  The southern end of Route 638 (toward Strasburg) will be moved north and tie in across from the existing Route 638 north intersection at Route 623.

The total estimated cost of the project is $1,314,830, which includes $173,200 for preliminary engineering, $231,271 for right of way, and $910,359 for construction.

What’s Next

Right of way activities will begin in summer 2010 and advertisement for construction is in spring 2011.

Media and Public Events

Location and Design Public Hearing
December 9, 2009, 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Strasburg Town Hall
174 East King Street
Strasburg, VA  22657

Benefits of Project

By improving the sight distance at the Route 623 and Route 638 intersection, drivers will have better visibility in this location.  This improvement will enhance safety.  Also driver safety will be improved at the southern end of Route 638 when it is relocated to meet the current Route 638 northern intersection.  This change will improve driver visibility.

Design Plan Approval

Design plans were approved by the VDOT Chief Engineer Malcolm T. Kerley, P.E. in June 2010.  This is for design plans regarding the Route 623 (Back Road) road realignment in Shenandoah County.

During Construction

Current plans have one lane open to traffic on Route 623 during construction.  However if it becomes evident that traffic cannot be safely and effectively maintained it may be necessary to establish a detour.  For the detour, southbound drivers will take Route 55 east to Route 637 (Powhatan Road).  Go south on Route 637 to Route 638 (Junction Road).  Go west on Route 638 to Route 623 (Back Road).  Northbound drivers will take Route 638 (Junction Road) and head east to Route 637 (Powhatan Road) then head north on Route 637 to Route 55.  Head west on Route 55 to Route 623 (Back Road).

Project Numbers

UPC  86690

State  0623-085-709,P101, R201, M501

Federal  STP-085-8 (062)

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