Recently Completed: Rockingham County - Route 257 (Ottobine Road) Dry River Bridge

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This project replaces the deteriorated Dry River bridge on Route 257 (Ottobine Road) in Rockingham County. The project area is about 0.2-mile long, from 0.1-mile west of Route 738 to 0.1-mile east of Route 738.

The existing bridge has two 11-foot lanes with narrow shoulders and ditches. The bridge is on a crest that limits sight distance at the Route 738 intersection.

The new bridge will be 225-feet long and have two 12-foot lanes with eight-foot shoulders. Sight distance will be improved at the Route 257 and Route 738 intersection. Route 738 will be on the same alignment as the existing roadway.

Bridge construction will be in stages. Throughout construction, one lane of traffic will be maintained with a traffic signal on Route 257. Route 738 will be closed and a detour will be put in place.

The traffic volumes at this location in 2010 were 3,900 vehicles per day.  The projected traffic volume in 2038 is 4,400 vehicles per day, of which four percent will be trucks.


Safety in the area will be improved with a new structure that will serve modern traffic with wider lanes.


Contact Info:

S. Mitchell Ball, P.E.

UPC: 90181

State ID: 0257-082-717,P101, R201, B622

Federal ID: BR-5115(154), BR-5115(155), BR-5115(156)

Lat/Long: 38.407500, -78.976111

Locality: Rockingham

Page last modified: Dec. 20, 2018