Recently Completed: Rockingham County - Route 11 (Lee Highway) North River Bridge

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This project is located on Route 11 (Lee Highway) at the bridge over North River in Rockingham County, just north of the intersection of Route 694. The project replaced the deteriorated North River bridge.

The old bridge had two 11-foot lanes with narrow shoulders. The 33-foot wide and 314-foot long bridge included a taper for a left-turn lane. The new bridge is 320 feet long and has two 12-foot lanes with a 12-foot center turn lane. The shoulders have a four-foot wide paved surface to accommodate bicycle traffic.

The new bridge was built just east of the existing structure, which allowed two-lane traffic to be maintained during the project. Bridge construction was in staged phases with traffic shifting to the new structure followed by the demolition of the old bridge.

The traffic volumes at this location in 2009 were 5,100 vehicles per day.  The projected traffic volume in 2037 is 7,200 vehicles per day, of which four percent will be trucks.

The total estimated cost for this project is $5.5 million, including $819,049 for preliminary engineering, $250,000 for right of way and $4.4 million for construction.


Safety in the area will be improved with a new structure that will serve modern traffic with wider lanes, a turn lane and a bicycle path.


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Stephan Ball

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UPC: 90092

State ID: 0011-082-713,P101, R201, M501, B620

Federal ID: BR-5115(145), BR-5115(146), BR-5115(147)

Lat/Long: 38.344167, -78.941111

Locality: Rockingham

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Completed Route 11 Bridge

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