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Rockbridge County – Route 717 (Goose Creek Road)

Rural Rustic Road Project

Project at a Glance

Begin Date
Summer 2010

Est Completion Date
June 2011

Estimated Cost - $135,040

Lengths and Limits
1.0-mile long From 0.2-mile east of Route 724 at the beginning of pavement to 0.8-mile east of Route 721




Project Details

Rural Rustic Road reconstruction project on Route 717 (Goose Creek Road) extending from 0.2-mile east of Route 724 at the beginning of pavement to 0.8-mile east of Route 721. The road surface will be graded, widened, and where possible drainage will be improved. The road will receive a surface treatment pavement. All work will be completed within the existing right-of way.  

The total estimated cost for this project is $135,040, which includes $10,000 for preliminary engineering and $125,040 for construction.

The Rural Rustic road program provides cost efficient paving to unpaved roads, staying in the current right of way. Typically for a road to be eligible for the program it must be an unpaved road already within the state secondary system and carry no more than 1500 vehicles per day.

Benefits of Project

The Rural Rustic Road Program is a practical approach to paving Virginia's low-volume roads. It aims to keep traditional rural lane ambience, while improving the road surface within the current right-of-way.

During Construction

No road closures are anticipated but motorists should be alert for work zones and flagging operations.

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