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Rockbridge County - Route 602 (Walkers Creek Road) Bridge Replacement

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Begin Date
Early 2015

Est Completion Date
November 23, 2015

Contract value $813,864.70

Lengths and Limits
Length: 0.17 mile long From: 0.15 west of the intersection with Route 731 To: 0.02 mile east of intersection with Route 731

Hammond-Mitchell Inc., Covington, Va.



Wayne Nolde, P.E.

Project Details

The project is located in Rockbridge County near the Augusta County border. Route 602 (Walkers Creek Road) is a rural local road running predominately north-to-south through the northern half of the county. This road is sparsely populated with primarily agricultural properties. In 2009, Route 602 showed an average daily traffic (ADT) count of 140 vehicles. In the year 2025, the ADT is predicted to be 170 vehicles per day.  

This project intends to replace a bridge over Walkers Creek roughly 150 feet west of the intersection with Route 731 (Dutch Hollow Road). The existing road alignment places this bridge in the middle of an S-curve. This project will shift the bridge slightly south to improve alignment and sight distance.

At this time, Rockbridge County does not have any active plans calling for bike or pedestrian accommodations along this section of Route 602.

The property south of this section of the road has a Virginia Outdoors Foundation easement. However, this easement allows for future improvements to Route 602.

Within 30 feet west of the existing bridge there is a dry well hydrant that provides water from Walkers Creek for the local fire department. Fire trucks filling their tanks with water cannot cross the existing bridge due to the weight limitation. After the project is completed, emergency vehicles will be able to cross the bridge after they have filled up.

While there are no site-specific safety problems associated with the existing width, the new bridge will be wider to accommodate two-way traffic. Guard rails will be provided on both approaches to the bridge.

Project Benefits

This project replaces an existing substandard, structurally deficient bridge on a state route that serves county residents. If not replaced, the existing bridge will continue to deteriorate and would eventually have to be closed to vehicular traffic. Should a contract for construction not be awarded for replacement the inevitable closure of the existing structure would inconvenience local residents with a twelve-mile long detour route.

During Construction

The new bridge will be constructed just south (downstream) from its existing location allowing for traffic to continue to cross the creek during the course of construction. Along with this shift in alignment, the existing dry well hydrant will be moved accordingly and supported with an appropriate access point for fire trucks.

The existing bridge will remain open during construction. The work zone will be marked and signed appropriately to allow for existing traffic to continue to flow safely through the area with limited delays. Once complete, the new bridge structure will allow currently restricted emergency vehicles to cross over Walkers Creek.  

Traffic Alerts

Traffic alerts can also be found on the VDOT website under Travel Center, Travel advisories and lane closures. Click on the area of the state you are interested in, and view current travel advisories and lane closures. Click here to go to the Staunton District Travel Center page:  Staunton District


Real-time traffic information is available on the VDOT website and also by calling 511 on your landline or wireless phone.  Click here to go to 511:  Virginia 511 Web

Project Numbers

State Project Number:  (NFO)0602-081-311, M501, B677
Federal Project Number;  BROS-081-8(035)
UPC:  82764

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