Recently Completed: Rockbridge County -- Route 850 (West Midland Trail) -- Bridge Over Brattons Run

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This project replaced the Route 850 (West Midland Trail) structure over Brattons Run located in Rockbridge County. The project length is about 0.13 miles, just east of the intersection of Route 780.

The old bridge over Brattons Run was constructed in 1932. The new bridge is 35 feet wide with a concrete frame and minor modifications to the roadway approaches to accommodate a wider bridge.

Route 850 is classified as a rural major collector. The existing bridge had an average traffic count of 850 vehicles per day in 2013, and a projected count of 1,100 vehicles per day for the design year of 2037.

The estimate for the project is $1,229,066, with $221,903 for preliminary engineering, $50,000 for right-of-way and utilities, and $957,163 for construction.


This project replaces an existing substandard, structurally deficient bridge on a state-maintained route that serves county residents. If not replaced the existing bridge will continue to deteriorate and would eventually have to be closed to vehicular traffic.


Contact Info:

Stephan Ball
(540) 332-9047

UPC: 97193

State ID: 0850-081-744, P102, P101

Federal ID: BROS-081-8(028)

Lat/Long: 37.887778, -79.601389

Locality: Rockbridge

Page last modified: Sept. 13, 2018