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Frederick County – Route 825 (Zachary Anne Lane)

Project at a Glance

Begin Date
Awarded contract on October 9, 2009.

Est Completion Date
January 19, 2010

Construction contract value is $109,967.70.

Lengths and Limits
0.53-mile long; From Route 669 to 0.53-mile south of Route 669

W-L Construction & Paving Inc.




Project Details

Under the Economic Development Access Program, this project completes the construction of Route 825 (Zachary Anne Lane).  This is an access road begun by a contractor.  

The project is located south of Route 669 near the West Virginia state line.  The project begins at Route 669 and ends 0.53 miles south of this location.  The project includes grading and paving.  Minor shoulder work and some seeding is included.  A box culvert along this project was installed by the developer.

Upon completion of the project Route 825 will open to the public and serve as an access road to Alban Tractor.

Benefits of Project

The project will complete access to an industrial area which includes Alban Tractor.

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