In Design: Frederick County – Route 17/50/522 (Millwood Pike) Bridge over Interstate 81


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The bridge on Route 17/50/522 (Millwood Pike) Bridge over Interstate 81 at exit 313 is reaching the end of its service life and needs to be replaced. The bridge is listed as structurally deficient. A bridge is considered structurally deficient if it requires rehabilitation, has been restricted to light vehicles, or it is closed to traffic. The fact a bridge is structurally deficient does not imply that it is likely to collapse or that it is unsafe. It means the bridge must be monitored, inspected and maintained on a more frequent basis.

The bridge, built in 1964, has seven lanes. The average daily traffic volume is 33,000 vehicles per day. On I-81 in this location, traffic counts are 35,000 vehicles per day northbound and 34,000 vehicles per day southbound, for a combined 69,000 average vehicles per day.

The new bridge will feature design elements that will accommodate future improvements to the Route 17/50/522 corridor and future improvements to I-81. The interchange configuration will not change with this project.

Construction plans are not final, but it is likely the new bridge will be built north of the existing structure, which will reduce traffic impacts during the work.


A new bridge will be built that can support modern traffic weights.  The new structure will accommodate future improvements on the Route 17/50/522 corridor and on I-81 in this location.


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David Robinson, P.E.

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UPC: 113535

State ID: 0017-034-911, R201, C501, B646

Lat/Long: 39.162222, -78.157500

Locality: Frederick

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Conceptual Plan for Route 17/50/522 Bridge
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Page last modified: April 3, 2020