Proposed: Frederick County – Route 11 (Valley Pike) Limited Access Break

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An application has been made to the Virginia Department of Transportation to consider a limited access break in the Kernstown area of Frederick County on Route 11 (Valley Pike) across the street from the westbound Route 37 exit ramp to support a private development. The Route 37 ramp and the existing Route 11 median break will remain at this location.

The break in limited access will provide room for a new commercial entrance and new southbound lane on Route 11. At the Route 37 westbound exit ramp’s location with Route 11 the current three-way intersection will become a four-way intersection.

The Route 11 proposed limited access break is approximately 120 feet wide extending from Commonwealth Court to the Route 37 ramp. This access break will accommodate turning and through lanes, shoulders and utility right of way.

At the median break, Route 11 southbound will have a new left-turn lane into the new property entrance. This left-turn lane will include approximately 250 feet for traffic queueing. There will be a new right-turn lane from the property onto Route 11 northbound 

The design of the intersection will also include widening of the Route 37 exit ramp to four-lanes which will provide dual left-turn lanes on to northbound Route 11, a dedicated through lane, and separate right-turn lane onto Route 11 southbound.

The existing traffic signal at the intersection will be modified by the property owner to accommodate the new design.

In 2016 Route 11 had an average daily traffic count of 17,000 vehicles per day.


Over time, the limited access break, in conjunction with the applicant’s mitigation to the existing road network is expected to enhance traffic mobility on this portion of the Route 11 corridor with ingress and egress to local businesses.


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Terry Short

Locality: Frederick

Page last modified: July 2, 2018