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Frederick County – Interstate 81 Exit 307 Interchange Improvement/Relocation Study

Project at a Glance
Est Completion Date
Draft EA Release Early 2018



Caleb Parks
Scott Alexander

About the Study

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) have initiated a study to evaluate potential options for improving Exit 307 along Interstate 81 in the Town of Stephens City, located in Frederick County, Virginia. 

In accordance with the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) and other federal and state laws and regulations, VDOT is assessing potential impacts of these improvement options to be documented in an Environmental Assessment (EA). 

At this stage of the study process, efforts are focused on identifying transportation needs, environmental resources, and other relevant factors to be analyzed in the environmental document. 

Upon completion of the NEPA process and approval of a location concept, a subsequent, more detailed traffic and geometric study (Interchange Justification or Interchange Modification Request) may be required if any changes to the interchange are recommended. A geometric study is an engineering process that examines the roadway position in relation to the surrounding physical elements.

The estimated cost for both studies is $1.3 million.

Study Schedule

Draft EA available for public review and comment – Early 2018
Location Public Hearing – TBD
EA Completion and FHWA Decision – TBD

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the National Environmental Policy Act process?

The potential impact of a new roadway on the human and natural environment is an especially important factor that is carefully considered before any location and design decisions can be made. NEPA requires FWHA and VDOT to follow an established process to complete the environmental evaluation of potential alternatives.


What will be included in this environmental study?

The study will include analyses of potential effects to resources such as traffic, land use, communities, low income and minority populations, historic architecture and archaeology, air quality, noise, threatened and endangered species, hazardous materials, as well as wetlands and streams.


How can you stay involved?

Public involvement in the location study process is one of VDOT’s top priorities.  The website will be updated periodically throughout the study process as new information is developed and public input on the Environmental Assessment will be encouraged when the draft document becomes available. Prior to any decisions being made on a location concept to advance through future phases of the project development process, a public comment period and location public hearing will follow, in which public participation will be encouraged.


What other improvements are occurring within the area?

In order to provide additional traffic capacity, improve operational safety, and to improve connectivity of the regional east of Interstate 81, improvements to Route 277 have been designed as an independent project.  Additional information on the Route 277 improvements can be found here:

Project Numbers

State Project :  0081-034-720,P101
Federal Project:  IM-5138(161)
UPC:  88659

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