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Survey Work

Motorists and residents in portions of eastern Frederick County will be seeing numerous four-foot square vinyl and painted markers over an approximate 15-mile swath of land from exit 310 at the I-81/Route 37 interchange to Route 37 located west of I-81 near exit 317 at the I-81/Route11/Route 37 interchange.

The markers are for upcoming aerial photographic surveys of what is identified as Corridor C of the Frederick County Route 37 Corridor Study done in the 1990s, also known as the Winchester Eastern Bypass. The markers will be placed flat on the ground at various key locations. People should not touch or remove the markers, which may stay on the ground for a period of time from March 2009 until March 2010.

The Route 37 surveys being done now as well as a previous survey done by Frederick County are additional planning tools.

There is no exact road footprint identified. There is no funding for any construction. There is no imminent Route 37 construction project.

The aerial photographs along with the previous survey done by Frederick County will help VDOT and Frederick County officials identify topography, land use and other right of way issues in the corridor. VDOT is updating the survey of Corridor C as part of a study added to VDOT’s Six Year Plan in 2007.

The study’s objective is updating the existing Frederick County Route 37 concept plans to current engineering standards. This is an engineering study only with no funding for right of way or construction. Bristol area projects Salem area projects Staunton area projects Lynchburg area projects Culpeper area projects Richmond area projects Northern Virginia projects Fredericksburg area projects Hampton Roads projects

Page last modified: July 20, 2018