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Staunton Projects

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Under Construction

Alleghany County -- Route 638 (Natural Well Road)
Jackson River Bridge Replacement

City of Covington - Durant Road Improvements

Frederick County – Route 723 (Carpers Valley Road) Opequon Creek Bridge

Frederick County - Route 655 at Route 50

Rockingham County – Route 921 (Lairs Run Road) Bridge

Coming Soon

Alleghany County – Route 696 (Selma-Low Moor Road) Karnes Creek Bridge

Frederick County – Route 277 (Fairfax Pike)

Page County - Route 211 Westbound Bridge over South Fork of the Shenandoah River

Rockingham County – Route 11 Bridge over I-81, Exit 257 at Mauzy

Shenandoah County – Route 698 (Orchard Drive) Mill Creek Bridge


Bridgewater Bypass Location Study

City of Lexington and Rockbridge County - Route 60 Corridor Study

Frederick County – Interstate 81 Exit 307 Interchange Improvement/Relocation Study

Frederick County - Route 37 Survey

Interstate 81 Corridor Improvement Plan

National Environmental Policy Act Study (NEPA)
Study issues and methods associated with eventual widening of Interstate 81

Rockbridge County – Route 11 Natural Bridge State Park

Rockingham County – Town of Elkton - Transportation Mobility Study

Town of Woodstock - Route 42 (Reservoir Road) Corridor Study


Frederick County – Route 11 (Valley Pike) Limited Access Break

Frederick County – Route 50 (Millwood Pike) at Independence Drive – Intersection Improvements

In Design

Alleghany County – Route 661 (Midland Trail) - Bridge Replacement Over Ogle Creek

Augusta County – Route 250 (Churchville Avenue) Bell Creek Bridge Replacement

Augusta County - Route 703 (Hewitt Road) Bridge Replacement

City of Waynesboro - Southern Corridor

Frederick County – Route 17/50/522 (Millwood Pike) Bridge over Interstate 81

Frederick County – Route 522 (Front Royal Pike) Opequon Creek Bridge Replacement

Frederick County – Route 623 (Fromans Road) Cedar Creek Bridge

Page County – Route 211/340, West Main Street, Northcott Drive – Roundabout and Intersection Improvements

Rockbridge County - Route 39 (Maury River Road)
Bridge Replacement and Intersection Improvements

Rockbridge County - Route 606 (Raphine Road) at I-81 Exit 205 Improvements

Rockingham – Route 11 (South Valley Pike) and Route 704 (Cecil Wampler Road) Highway and Intersection Improvements

Rockingham – Route 33 (Rawley Pike) Improvements

Rockingham County – C Street and North Terrace Avenue Town of Elkton

Rockingham County – Lee Street (Route 259)
Linville Creek Bridge Replacement

Rockingham County – Route 682 (Friedens Church Road) – Intersection Improvement

Rockingham County – Route 682 (Friedens Church Road) Pleasant Run Bridge and Roadway

Rockingham County – Route 720 (Smithland Road) Bridge over Interstate 81

Shenandoah County - Route 620 (Smith Creek Road) - Smith Creek Bridge

Warren County – Interstate 81 Exit 300 Southbound Acceleration Ramp Extension and Bridge Widening over Route 840 (Water Plant Road)

Warren County – Route 624 (Happy Creek Road)

Recently Completed

Alleghany County -- I-64 Exit 21 at Route 696 and Winterberry Avenue
Intersection Improvements

Augusta County – Route 250 (Churchville Avenue) - Bridge Replacement Over Whiskey Creek

Augusta County – Route 340 (Stuarts Draft Highway) Signal Coordination

Augusta County - Route 610 Improvements

Augusta County -- Route 616 (Dam Town Road)

Bath County - Route 687 (Jackson River Turnpike) - Cascades Creek Bridge

City of Waynesboro - Route 340 (Main Street) Bridge Replacement

Frederick County – Route 11 and Route 661 Improvements at I-81 and Route 37

Frederick County – Route 767 (Fox Drive) Turn Lane at Route 522 (North Frederick Pike)

Frederick County - I-81 Exit 310 at Route 37 (Kernstown Interchange)
Interchange Modification Project

Page County - Route 340 - Cub Run Bridge

Rockbridge County – I-64 Bridges over Maury River

Rockbridge County -- Route 850 (West Midland Trail) -- Bridge Over Brattons Run

Rockbridge County -- Route 850 (West Midland Trail) -- Bridge Over Kerrs Creek

Rockingham County – Route 602 (East Point Road) South Fork Shenandoah River Bridge
Bridge Rehabilitation

Rockingham County – Route 727 (Airport Road) Road Improvements

Rockingham County - Route 11 (Lee Highway) North River Bridge

Rockingham County - Route 257 (Ottobine Road) Dry River Bridge

Rockingham County - Route 867 (North River Road) Pleasant Run Bridge

Shenandoah County – Route 600 (Headley Road) North Fork Bridge

Shenandoah County – Route 663 (Artz Road) Bridge over North Fork of the Shenandoah River

Shenandoah County – Route 675 – Stoney Creek Bridge

Shenandoah County Route 11 (Old Valley Pike) Cedar Creek Bridge Replacement

Warren County – Quadrant Roadway Intersection (QRI) - Route 340/522 and Route 55

Warren County – Route 624 (Morgan Ford Road) bridge replacement

Warren County – South Fork Bridge Replacement – Route 340/522

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