Under Construction: City of Covington - Durant Road Improvements

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This project includes roadway, sidewalk and public-utility improvements along a 0.4-mile stretch of Durant Road between Byrd Avenue and Thacker Avenue.

A new sidewalk will improve pedestrian access between the Rayon Terrace neighborhood and shopping areas on Thacker Avenue. The project will also cut back the rock slope along Durant Road and install a safety fence next to the new sidewalk. Other improvements include guardrail replacement, construction of a closed stormwater drainage system, and new water and sanitary sewer lines.

Durant Road has an average traffic count of 4,822 vehicles a day. The projected traffic volume in the year 2029 is 5,075 vehicles a day.

During the design phase of this project, the estimated cost was $2.5 million which includes $570,000 for preliminary engineering, $330,000 for right of way acquisition and $1.6 million for construction.


The addition of curb and gutter with sidewalk and a pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Thacker Avenue will provide safer pedestrian access between the community of  Rayon Terrace and the shopping center along Thacker Ave. The rock bluff along Durant Road will also be cut back and a safety fence will be installed; both are designed to help eliminate future rock fall hazards. These improvements will help improve safety for pedestrians and for vehicular traffic.


Contact Info:

S. Mitchell Ball, P.E.

UPC: 68089

State ID:U000-107-108,P101, R201, M501

Federal ID: STP-5107(110), STP-5107(117)

Long/Lat: 37.766667, -79.992778
Locality: Covington

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Durant Road closure and detour limited to 90 days.

Page last modified: Jan. 16, 2019