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City of Waynesboro - Route 340 (Main Street) Bridge Replacement

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Begin Date
February 2016

Est Completion Date
December 2017

Contract Value $7,024,800.74

Lengths and Limits
Length: 0.25-mile, from Arch Avenue to Charlotte Avenue

Fairfield-Echols LLC, Fishersville, Va.



Wayne F. Nolde, P.E.

Project Details

This project is located in the city of Waynesboro along Main Street (Route 340), an urban roadway that serves commercial, industrial, recreational, governmental and residential properties. The bridge crosses the South River in Waynesboro’s downtown business district.

The existing bridge, built in 1934, has two through lanes and a center left-turn lane along with a pair of 8-foot-wide sidewalks. The roadway approaches are approximately 40 feet wide including left turn lanes. The bridge deck is 58 feet wide and 224 feet long with a superstructure of steel girders running the entire length. The concrete substructure is composed of two abutments and three piers, all built on timber foundations.

The current bridge is posted at 15-tons. Its condition has deteriorated to a point where it should be replaced or it can no longer carry today’s heavier vehicle loads. It qualifies for federal funds for replacement.

The roadway approaches will be improved to include 6-foot-wide bicycle lanes on either side of the two 12-foot vehicular travel lanes. Pedestrian access will improve as the gaps in the approach sidewalks will be eliminated and replaced with continuous 6-foot-wide sidewalks in both directions. The new bridge alignment will closely match the existing one.

The existing intersection of Main Street and McElroy Street will be relocated about 200 feet to the west. McElroy Street will be renamed Race Avenue and will have 700 feet of new pavement in two 12-foot vehicular lanes, with a graded shoulder on the east edge and curb and gutter to the west. The existing McElroy Street pavement will be removed and reclaimed as green space, which will help improve the city of Waynesboro’s Constitution Park.

Based on recommendations from VDOT traffic engineers, the existing left-turn lane from Main Street onto East Avenue will be eliminated. Reconfiguring the East Avenue and McElroy Street intersections will eliminate the need for turn lanes on the proposed bridge. 

The city of Waynesboro has expressed a desire that the bridge include aesthetic features because it serves as a gateway to the downtown business district and is adjacent to a major public park. Design may include formed or stamped concrete architectural features on parapet walls, exposed areas of the substructure, and sidewalks. New bridge and approach lighting will complement the existing architectural lighting in the city’s downtown. Additional consideration will be given to the substructure, landscape and “streetscape” around the bridge, as well as special signage and lighting beneath the new bridge.

In 2009, Main Street showed an average daily traffic (ADT) count of 6,295. The estimated ADT in the design year 2038 is 8,300 vehicles per day.

Project Location (latitude, longitude): 38.067778, -78.884722

Project Benefits

This project replaces an existing substandard, structurally deficient bridge on a state primary route that serves residents of the City of Waynesboro. If not replaced the existing bridge will continue to deteriorate and would eventually have to be closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Unless a replacement construction contract is awarded, the inevitable closure of the existing structure would inconvenience local residents, disadvantage area business and adversely affect traffic flow through downtown Waynesboro.

During Construction

The bridge reopened to traffic in June 2017.

Project Numbers

State Project: 0340-136-330,P101, R201, C501, B611
Federal Project: BR-5136(118), BR-5136(119), BR-5136(120)
UPC: 90185

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