Recently Completed: City of Waynesboro - Route 340 (Main Street) Bridge Replacement

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This project is located in the city of Waynesboro along Main Street (Route 340), an urban roadway that serves commercial, industrial, recreational, governmental and residential properties. The bridge crosses the South River in Waynesboro’s downtown business district.

The old bridge, built in 1934, had two through lanes and a center left-turn lane along with a pair of 8-foot-wide sidewalks. The structure had a posted weight limit of 15 tons. Its condition had deteriorated to a point where it needed to be replaced or it could no longer carry today’s heavier vehicle loads. It qualified for federal funds for replacement.

The roadway approaches were improved to include 6-foot-wide bicycle lanes on either side of the two 12-foot vehicular travel lanes. Pedestrian access improved as the gaps in the approach sidewalks will be eliminated and replaced with continuous 6-foot-wide sidewalks in both directions. The new bridge alignment closely matched the existing one.

The adjacent intersection of Main Street and McElroy Street was relocated about 200 feet to the west, eliminating the need for turn lanes on the new bridge. The old McElroy Street pavement was removed and reclaimed as green space for the city of Waynesboro’s Constitution Park. VDOT partnered with the city for numerous architectural and "streetscape" elements on the bridge and its approaches.

In 2009, Main Street showed an average daily traffic (ADT) count of 6,295. The estimated ADT in the design year 2038 is 8,300 vehicles per day.


This project replaced a substandard, structurally deficient bridge on a state primary route that serves residents of the City of Waynesboro. If not replaced the existing bridge would have continued to deteriorate and eventually be closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Closure would have inconvenienced local residents, disadvantaged area business and adversely affected traffic flow through downtown Waynesboro.


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Stephan Ball

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UPC: 90185

State ID: 0340-136-330,P101, R201, C501, B611

Federal ID: BR-5136(118), BR-5136(119), BR-5136(120)

Lat/Long: 38.067778, -78.884722

Locality: Waynesboro

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New Main Street bridge - June 2017

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