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City of Lexington and Rockbridge County - Route 60 Corridor Study

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Begin Date
March 2012

Est Completion Date
Summer 2015

Lexington and Rockbridge


Terry R. Short, Jr.

Overview of Study

The Route 60 Corridor is a northwest-southeast oriented gateway connecting the City of Lexington with Rockbridge County. The primary goal of this corridor study will be to establish Route 60 as a vibrant gateway corridor for both the City of Lexington and Rockbridge County with a focus on enhancing transportation mobility, improving public safety, improving the overall appearance of the corridor and coordinating multimodal transportation options.

The study will evaluate existing and future transportation conditions along the corridor from the intersection of East Nelson Street (Route 60) and Spotswood Drive within the City of Lexington to the intersection of East Midland Trail (Route 60) and Quarry Lane within Rockbridge County.  Context Sensitive Solution (CSS) methodologies will be employed to identify the unique characteristics of the study corridor. These characteristics and the transportation needs of the stakeholders along the corridor will be used to develop future improvement alternatives that fit the physical setting of the corridor.

Purpose and Need

  • Evaluate the transportation system along the Route 60 Corridor from the intersection of East Nelson Street and Spotswood Drive to the intersection of East Midland Trail and Quarry Lane.  Recommend a set of transportation improvements that can best satisfy existing and future transportation needs through the year 2035. The study will identify needs for all modes of transportation based upon capacity, safety and functional requirements including the effectiveness and efficiency of the overall transportation system.
  • Determine major issues, challenges and needs associated with the transportation infrastructure along the Route 60 Corridor.
  • Develop strategies and recommend improvements addressing current and future transportation demands.
  • Recommend strategic short term and long term transportation improvement projects that will be prioritized and phased over time relative to available funding.

Scope of Work

The tangible result of the Route 60 Corridor Study will be a technical document the City of Lexington and Rockbridge County can incorporate into their respective Comprehensive Plans.

What’s Next

The Route 60 Corridor Study Public Participation Meeting will be held on Thursday April 30, 2015 from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm, with a formal presentation beginning promptly at 5:30pm at the following location:

Rockbridge County Extension Office Meeting Room

Located on the 2nd floor of the County Administrative Office Building

150 South Main Street

Lexington, Virginia 24450


Citizens can view the current draft of the Route 60 Corridor Study here


Following the completion of data collection and stakeholder and public outreach in 2012, existing year transportation models were developed and analyzed to determine transportation needs along the corridor.  Due to the difference in development and functional characteristics along the study segment of Route 60, the corridor was split into two separate “context zones”.  The city portion of the corridor was established as an Urban Gateway and the county portion of the corridor was established as a Regional Service Area.  Results of the Transportation Needs Survey, Detailed Visual Preference Survey and additional public input was then utilized in the development of future year 2035 transportation improvement alternatives.  These alternatives were analyzed based on projected traffic growth along the corridor.  Project recommendations were then developed based on the analysis outcomes of the future year 2035 transportation models.  The findings of the corridor data collection, public input, study analysis, and recommendations have been presented in a draft Route 60 Corridor Study technical document.  The study document has completed a review cycle by the City of Lexington and Rockbridge County staff and has been updated to reflect the review comments of the localities.

At this time, VDOT, the City, and the County would like to present the findings and improvement recommendations of the Route 60 Corridor Study to the public in an additional outreach session.  Questions, suggestions, and recommendations from the Public Participation Meeting will be evaluated and the corridor study will be updated as necessary prior to being finalized and submitted to the localities for adoption.

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