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Bath County – Route 615 (Main Street) Drainage Improvements

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Construction Advertisement - Summer 2015

$1.2 Million

Lengths and Limits
Project Runs 0.25 miles From Route 220, 0.1 mile east of Route 615 to 0.15 south of Route 615



Shelby Hertzler

Project Details

The purpose of this project is to provide an improved storm drainage system to alleviate street flooding in downtown Hot Springs.

This project is located at the intersection of Route 615 and Route 220 in the town of Hot Springs, Virginia. Project limits extend approximately 200 feet west along Route 615 (Main Street), 250 feet east along Route 220 (Sam Snead Highway) and south to Route 611 (Virginia Avenue).

The proposed improvements will consist of a storm drain and inlet system to carry stormwater along Route 220 to discharge into Hot Springs Run.

The proposed design is not intended to serve as an ultimate remedy, but will provide some relief to the current flooding problems. The storm drain pipes will limit significant utility relocations while minimizing right-of-way needs.

The current traffic volume on Route 615 is 1,686 vehicles per day. The projected traffic volume for 2037 is 1,897 vehicles per day.

The project is currently funded at $1,200,494, including $300,000 for preliminary engineering, $95,271 for right of way, and $805,223 for construction.

What's Next

Preliminary engineering: Design Approval Late 2013
Right of way acquisition: Early 2014
Advertise for Construction: Summer 2015

Benefits of Project

The purpose of this project is to extend and improve a storm sewer system to reduce roadway flooding in downtown Hot Springs.

During Construction

Lane closures will be in effect with signs and flaggers to direct traffic.

Every reasonable effort will be made to protect the environment with respect to dust and erosion control. Access to all properties will be maintained during construction. Potential impacts to the flood plain will be evaluated and addressed on this project.

Traffic Alerts

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Project Numbers

State  0615-008-165,P101, R201, C501
Federal  STP-008-8(009)
UPC  81642

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