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Augusta County – Route 801 (Hangers Mill Road) Jennings Branch Bridge

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Begin Date
January 2015

Est Completion Date
October 5, 2015

Contract Value $1,171,604

Lengths and Limits
0.13 mile long From: 0.15 mile north of Route 250 To: 0.28 mile north of Route 250

Crossroads Bridge Inc. of Marion, Va.



Wayne Nolde, P.E.

Project Details

The project is located on Route 801 (Hangers Mill Road) in the northwestern part of Augusta County.  A new bridge structure will be built over Jennings Branch, replacing the existing truss bridge built in 1900.  The existing truss bridge can no longer serve modern-day traffic. The new bridge will be located slightly downstream, providing a smoother alignment with Route 801 and improving driver visibility.

Route 801 is a secondary road connecting Route 250 and Route 835.  This road is 2.06-miles long and serves the traveling public and provides economic value to the farming communities around Churchville.

Population is sparse along the roadway, with the general area around this project classified as an Agricultural Conservation Area as documented in the Augusta County Comprehensive Plan (2007 – 2027). The entire length of the project has no significant commercial or industrial properties. There are no industries, schools, or commercial interest that will be impacted by the road closure or the detour. The current average daily traffic volume is 80 vehicles per day.  By the projected design year of 2023 the traffic volume is expected be 96 vehicles per day.

Part of the new bridge construction will feature a 112-foot-long steel truss superstructure with two nine-foot travel lanes. The bridge superstructure includes a bridge concrete deck, guardrails, curbs, floor system and truss members that rest on bridge bearings and supported by concrete cantilever abutments. The wider bridge will accommodate the average piece of farm machinery.

The approaches will have two nine-foot lanes with two-foot shoulders and taper into the existing 14-foot wide roadway.  Safety will also be enhanced with the addition of guardrails on the approaches to the bridge.

During construction the road will be closed to traffic. Drivers will use Route 835 as a detour.  Signs will be posted along this five-mile detour.

No existing separate bicycle or pedestrian accommodations will be affected. Route 801 is not listed on any identified Augusta County bike routes.

Dollar figures for this project are presented as funding and estimated costs.  Funding is the amount of money allocated to the project.  Estimated costs are price approximations for each phase of the project.

Funding for this bridge include: $278,180 state match funds for Revenue Sharing; $1,105,195 in Federal Bridge Funds (Bridge Replacement “Off System” Program - BROS), and $7,520 in Federal Surface Transportation Plan funds.  The total funding for the project is $1,390,895.    

The total estimated cost for this project is $1,430,383, which includes $184,289 for preliminary engineering, $104,744 for right of way activities, and $1,141,350 million for construction.  

Project Milestones

Approved design plans in Summer 2011
Right of way activities – Fall 2011
Construction completed October 2015

Media and Public Events

Design Public Hearing
June 1, 2011, 4 – 6 p.m.
Churchville Elementary School
3710 Churchville Avenue
Churchville, VA 24421

Benefits of Project

The public will have a new bridge that can support two-way traffic including typical farm-use vehicles.  The new bridge will also be able to support modern-weight vehicles and not have to restrict heavy-weight traffic.  Not replacing the bridge would eventually lead to the closure of the existing structure, causing the public to use a detour extending several miles.

Project Numbers

State Project: 0801-007-467,P101, R201, M501, B608
Federal Project: BROS-007- 08(077)
UPC:  82759

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