Recently Completed: Augusta County – Route 340 (Stuarts Draft Highway) Signal Coordination

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Phase one of this project included the coordination and retiming of eight traffic signals along Route 340 (Stuarts Draft Highway) in the Augusta County community of Stuarts Draft.

Phase two included construction of high-speed fiber optic communication so the signals can be actively monitored and updated at VDOT’s Northwest Regional Traffic Operations Center.

This two-phase project has the goal of reducing travel times for Route 340 drivers while minimizing rear-end crashes that can result from stop-and-start traffic patterns.

These signals are located where Route 340 intersects with the following roads:

•           Route 657 (Indian Ridge Road)

•           Route 654 (White Hill Road/Johnson Drive)

•           Entrance to Windmill Square shopping center

•           Route 608 (Tinkling Spring Road/Draft Avenue)

•           Route 1512 (Gloucester Road)

•           Route 649 (Augusta Farms Road/Locust Grove Lane)

•           Route 9030 (School Boulevard)

•           Route 635 (Mount Vernon Road)

The intersections included in this project accommodate significant industrial and school traffic. The Route 340 corridor also serves emergency vehicles as well traffic from numerous residential developments and commercial businesses.

VDOT combined traffic data with public input from a January 2017 citizen information meeting to develop the initial signal coordination plans. New timing patterns were developed and implemented in February and March 2017. A second public meeting in May 2017 will share measured results and give motorists an opportunity to discuss their driving experiences. This will help VDOT consider further adjustments to the traffic signal timing. Additional traffic observations will be performed after the public meeting.

This project is funded by a federal grant through the Highway Safety Improvement Program.


Improves traffic flow and safety by reducing the potential for rear-end crashes. Fiber optic communication with the signals improves the ability to more safely and efficiently monitor and change traffic flow during special events or incidents on Interstates 81 and 64.


Contact Info:

Grant Sanders, P.E., P.T.O.E.

UPC: 109071

State ID: 0340-007-S64, P101, N501

Lat/Long: 38.008611, -79.026389

Locality: Augusta

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