Recently Completed: Augusta County – Route 250 (Churchville Avenue) - Bridge Replacement Over Whiskey Creek

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This project is located on Route 250 (Churchville Avenue) and will replace the deteriorated bridge and approaches over Whiskey Creek in Augusta County.

The project runs along Route 250 from 0.003 miles west of Route 722 (Vinegar Hill Road) to 0.155 miles east of Route 722.

The existing bridge consists of two 11-foot lanes with narrow shoulders and ditches

The proposed bridge design will consist of two 12-foot lanes with a 10-foot shoulder width. The 8-foot paved portion on the 10-foot shoulder will accommodate bicycle traffic. The proposed structure length is 130-feet and the bridge approaches will be on the same alignment as the existing roadway. 

VDOT historical data reports an average daily traffic (ADT) of 6900 vehicles per day in 2010. Future growth is anticipated to be an ADT of 8000 in 2038 with 3.5% truck traffic.

The total estimated cost for this project is $3,957,437 with $727,957 for preliminary engineering, $200,000 for right of way activities, and $3,029,480 for construction.


This project will provide a new bridge structure that can support modern day traffic for vehicle weights and widths.


Contact Info:

Wayne Nolde, P.E.

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UPC: 90184

State ID: 0250-007-795,P101, R201, B619

Federal ID: BR-007-8(101)

Lat/Long: 38.220833, -79.153056

Locality: Augusta

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Completed Bridge (June 2017)

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