Under Construction: Augusta County – Route 250 (Churchville Avenue) Bell Creek Bridge Replacement

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The purpose of this project is to replace the bridge on Route 250 over Bell Creek in Augusta County. The existing bridge was built in 1938 and has reached the end of its service life.


The project is located just west of the Route 250 intersections with Route 840 (Old Churchville Road) and Route 732 (Franks Mill Road), approximately three miles southeast of the community of Churchville. Route 250 is as a primary route servicing western Augusta County as well as Highland County. The area immediately adjacent to the project location includes residential properties, one convenience store and one commercial entrance.


The existing two-lane bridge is 75 feet long and 28 feet wide. The new bridge, to be constructed in the same location, will be 82 feet long and 48 feet wide. It will enhance safety by offering two 12-foot travel lanes and 10-foot shoulders.


Route 250 has an average traffic count of 6,800 vehicles a day. The projected traffic volume in the year 2042 is 7,765 vehicles a day. Augusta County’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Accommodations plan identifies a need for wide shoulders on this section of Route 250.


During the design phase this project was estimated at $4,117,392, which includes $611,334 for preliminary engineering, $314,482 for right of way and $3,191,576 for construction.


This project replaces a deteriorating bridge on a primary roadway that serves residents and businesses.  If not replaced, the existing bridge will continue to deteriorate and would eventually have to be closed to vehicular traffic.


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Jamie Robertson

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UPC: 100778

State ID: 0250-007-861, P101, R201, M501, B621

Federal ID: BR-007-8(135)

Lat/Long: 38.199183, -79.116305

Locality: Augusta

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Route 250 detour during bridge replacement, using temporary bridge and part of Route 732
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Map showing portion of Route 250 detour, including intersections with Routed 732 and 840 and convenience store access
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Traffic diversion using temporary bridge and part of Route 732

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