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Augusta County – Interstate 81 Southbound Pavement Rehabilitation

Project at a Glance

Begin Date
Contract awarded on September 30, 2013

Est Completion Date
July 15, 2015

Contract value is $2,129,765.41

Lengths and Limits
1.36 mile long. Southbound - From: Mile Marker 219.04 To: Mile Marker 217.68

B & S Contracting, Inc. of Staunton, VA



Wayne Nolde, P.E.

Project Details

This project is one of three pavement rehabilitation projects on Interstate 81 in the VDOT Staunton District.


Interstate 81 was constructed in the 1960s and 1970s.  Due to pavement life-cycle aging and use portions of the I-81 subsurface need to be strengthened through a rehabilitation process.  A milling process will remove several inches of surface and subsurface pavement.  The subsurface will be replaced with new base asphalt material and a new road surface pavement will be applied. 


For rehabilitation projects, in many cases the right lane has more deterioration since more trucks travel in the right lane than the left lane. This project will have deep pavement rehabilitation of 5.5 inches in the right lane and 2 inches in the left lane and all acceleration /deceleration lanes and ramps. The project includes under-drain installation, which will help keep water out of the subgrade soils and increase subgrade strength.


The shoulders and safety features such as guardrail, rumble strips and pavement markings will also be replaced. Safety edging will be used for the paved shoulders, which provides a 30-degree slope at the edge of pavement onto the unpaved portion of the shoulder.  A safety edge can help prevent crashes where a driver drops off the pavement and then overcorrects, often heading back into traffic.


The I-81 rehabilitation project in Augusta County is in the southbound lanes and extends from mile marker 219.04 to mile marker 217.68. This location is between exit 217 at Route 654 in the Mint Spring area and Exit 220 at Route 262 in the Staunton area.


This project was awarded by the Commissioner of Highways on September 30, 2013.


The three I-81 paving rehabilitation project are located in the following areas:

  • Site 1 - Augusta County in the southbound lanes from mile marker 219.04 to mile marker 217.68
  • Site 2 - Shenandoah County in the northbound lanes from mile marker 264.98 to mile marker 275.90.
  • Site 3 - Frederick County in the southbound lanes from mile marker 317.25 to mile marker 313.31

What’s Next

This project has a contract completion date of July 15, 2015.

Benefits of Project

This project will help extend the life of the roadway bed on I-81 by strengthening the pavement, and reducing the need for more frequent resurfacing projects. This in turn will reduce the need for future lane closures due to paving.

Project Numbers

State  0081-007-915, N501
Federal  IM-0812(289)
UPC  104564

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