Coming Soon: Augusta County - Route 703 (Hewitt Road) Bridge Replacement

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Route 703 (Hewitt Road) consists of two 8-foot lanes with narrow shoulders and ditches. The road crosses a deteriorating bridge that was built in 1930 and has reached the end of its lifespan. The driving surface of the single-lane bridge has an approximate width of 14 feet 9 inches. The bridge crosses over Eidson Creek and passes directly underneath a railroad bridge. The location is about 0.2 mile west of Route 708 (Eidson Creek Road) in Augusta County.

The new bridge will be built to meet the minimum requirements using AASHTO Very-Low-Volume guidelines. The proposed single-lane bridge has a driving surface of 15 feet 9 inches wide. It will be built in the same location but on a slightly different angle to improve the sight distance. Minimum roadway improvements will be done to the bridge approaches.

In 2014, Route 703 had an average traffic count of 280 vehicles per day. By the design year of 2023, the estimated average traffic volume is 290 vehicles per day.


This project replaces a deteriorating bridge that has reached the end of its service life. If not replaced, the existing bridge will continue to deteriorate and would eventually have to be closed to vehicular traffic. A prolonged closure of the existing structure would inconvenience local residents with a 5-mile-long detour route.

Major Milestones 

Project plan approval: Spring 2019
Right of Way Acquisition: Summer 2019
Construction advertisement: Spring 2021


Contact Info:

Ashraf Antonius, P.E.

Project Photos

UPC: 90178

State ID: 0703-007-794, P101, R201, M501, B602

Federal ID: BROS-007-8(136)

Lat/Long: 38.143341, -79.159179

Locality: Augusta

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Route 703 existing bridge (with railroad bridge above)

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