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The purpose of this project was to improve the Route 610 (Howardsville Turnpike) corridor from 1/8 mile east of Route 608 to just east of Campbell Lane.

This 0.5-mile long project widened the road from 22 feet to 28 feet with curb and gutter throughout. It also improved the roadway alignment and profile to provide better visibility, and realigned the intersection of Route 610 and Route 912 (Hodge Street). The project relocated existing utilities.

Existing access to all properties in the area was maintained during construction, and new entrances were constructed.

The average traffic volume at this location was 2,600 vehicles per day in the year 2012. In 2024 traffic is projected to be 3,630 vehicles per day.

During the design phase, this project was esitmated to cost $4,794,091 including $786,489 for preliminary engineering, $1,000,000 for right of way acquisition and $3,007,602 for construction.

*This project was selected for funding under the SMART SCALE prioritization program. Click here for more information on the prioritization process.


This project improved visibility and stopping distance along the roadway, and enhanced safety by re-aligning the intersection of Route 610 and Route 912.


Contact Info:

S. Mitchell Ball, P.E.

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UPC: 80272

State ID: 0610-007-451, P101, R201, M501

Federal ID: STP-007-8(118), STP-007-8(127)

Lat/Long: 38.008611, -79.026389

Locality: Augusta

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