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Alleghany County -- Route 638 (Natural Well Road)

Jackson River Bridge Replacement

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Begin Date
Advertise for Construction - Fall 2018

Estimated at $3,127,520

Lengths and Limits
From 0.05 mile west of Route 687 to 0.54 mile east of Route 666



Keith Harrop, P.E.

Project Details

The purpose of this project is to replace the existing bridge on Route 638 (Natural Well Road) over the Jackson River.

The width of the roadway to the bridge is 18 feet.  The existing bridge, built in 1913, is a single lane structure 14-feet wide. The total existing bridge length is about 245 feet and has a posted weight limit of 14 tons. The condition of the existing bridge qualifies the structure as a candidate for federal funds for replacement.   

The new bridge will have 24 feet of roadway width, comprised of 18 feet for the two lanes of vehicular traffic and 3-foot shoulders on either side to better accommodate bicycle traffic. Including the railings, the overall width of the structure will be roughly 26 feet.

The new bridge will be built predominately along the same right of way as the existing one. Hoover Creek meets the Jackson River very close to the upstream side of the bridge. As a result all widening will take place on the downstream side of the structure.  

Route 638 is a one-mile-long rural major collector road connecting Route 666 (East Morris Hill Road) and Route 687 (Jackson River Road).

In 2010 the average daily traffic count on Route 638 was 212 vehicles per day. Predictions for the year 2036 are 313 vehicles per day.

The total cost of this project is estimated at $3,127,520, which includes $435,381 for preliminary engineering, $71,927 for right of way acquisition and $2,620,212 for construction.

Project Location (latitude, longitude): 37.917500, -79.968056

What's Next

Adopt Location/Design – Summer 2014
Authorize Right of Way Funds – Fall 2015
Advertise for Construction – Fall 2018

Media and Public Events

Design Public Hearing
Wednesday, February 5, 2014, 4-6 p.m.

Falling Spring Presbyterian Church
115 Spring Church Road
Hot Springs, Va. 24445

(Original public hearing date was postponed due to inclement weather.)

Benefits of Project

This project replaces an aging bridge on a state route that serves county residents. If not replaced the existing bridge will continue to deteriorate and would eventually have to be closed to vehicular traffic. A prolonged closure of the existing structure would inconvenience local residents with a nine-mile long detour route.

During Construction

The bridge will be closed during construction. A detour will be provided and marked with signs.  There are four properties along Route 638 east of the Jackson River, along with a small number of homes west of the river which will be impacted by the bridge closure and detour.

Traffic Alerts

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Project Numbers

State  0638-003-615,P101, R201, C501, B633
Federal  BROS-638-8(003), BROS-638-8(004), BROS-638-8
(005), BROS-638-8(005)
UPC  88564

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