Welcome to VDOT Small Urban Area Transportation Plans!

What is the project?

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has initiated a project to update the transportation plans for small urban areas across the Commonwealth. The project includes updates to 44 "small urban areas" (those towns and cities with populations less than 50,000 people). The plans address transportation issues and identify travel needs in each community through the year 2020. Although the primary focus of each plan is the "thoroughfare highway system", those arterial and collector roads and highways that connect urban areas, the project will also address local needs and other modes of transportation.

Why is VDOT doing the project?

The project serves many purposes:

  • Identifies future transportation needs in each locality to the year 2020
  • Helps to prioritize future funding requirements
  • Coordinates local needs with state highway improvement plans
  • Involves the public in the transportation planning process

What are some of the project’s elements?

  • Collection of traffic volume, turning movement, and travel delay data at major intersections
  • Projection of future traffic volumes based on current and planned growth and development
  • Analysis of existing conditions (needs based upon 1999 traffic volumes)
  • Identification of "interim year" (2010) improvements based upon 10-year forecast growth
  • Identification of "study year" (2020) improvements based upon 20-year forecast growth
  • Consideration of other transportation modes including transit, rail, air, water, pedestrian, and bicycle travel
  • Identification of specific freight movement needs, including truck and railroad modes
  • Analysis of transportation needs associated with local tourism
  • Conduct a limited environmental overview of potential transportation improvements

Plan Development:

Once the updates of these plans have been completed, the information will become a resource not only to VDOT, but to localities, organizations, and the public as well. Moreover, this resource can become an important component of local comprehensive and transportation plans. The information in these studies could help illuminate the linkage between future land use and transportation needs. Does your city or town have issues regarding road safety, traffic congestion, multi-modal needs, or mode linkage problems? The small urban area planning process is your chance to provide input!

For more information about this project you can contact the VDOT Project Manager, Darrel S. Johnson at Darrel.Johnson@VDOT.Virginia.gov or for VDOT information visit the VDOT website at http://www.virginiadot.org.

Page last modified: Oct. 14, 2012