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Route 460 S Curve Realignment - Bedford County

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Begin Date
Construction expected spring 2020

Est Completion Date
Late 2022

In Design

$18.8 million

Lengths and Limits
1.4 miles of eastbound lanes



Jesse Weitzenfeld

What is being proposed?

The primary purpose of the project is to enhance safety by realigning 1.4 miles of the eastbound lanes of Route 460 in Bedford County near Montvale to improve safety by eliminating existing “S” curves.

The curves are located about eight miles west of Bedford and approximately 2.3 miles east of Montvale.  The S-curves have limited sight distance and have been the location of several severe crashes.

The project also includes modifying five existing crossovers, closing one existing crossover and adding one new crossover. To enhance safety, the crossover improvements will include restrictions for some left turn movements to and from Route 460 and enhancements to facilitate U-turn movements.

Click here for a graphic of the crossover locations to be modified.

As of 2015, approximately 15,900 vehicles use this section of Route 460 each day.  This is projected to increase to 18,000 by the year 2041.

Route 460 S curves

Project Timeline

A design public hearing was held for this project on April 26, 2017 at Montvale Elementary School. 

Public Hearing Brochure

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